Golden WhatsApp

The most important applications that you can use instead of WhatsApp Gold

Application WhatsApp Plus GoldIt is one of the distinguished applications that offers many important features, which cannot be obtained in any of the other applications, but users may suffer from not using the application and many need alternative applications, which we will explain to you fully, in order to use them on the mobile phone.

WhatsApp Plus WhatsApp Plus:

Prepare WhatsApp Plus application; One of the favorite versions of many people all over the world, as it is used by millions around the world, as it is one of the professionally developed versions and has many features, and work is being done to develop and support the version with the best updates and features on an ongoing basis, where there is a whole team working on Continuous development of the version, as the WhatsApp Plus application is available for free and you can download it now from here.

Download WhatsApp Plus

GB WhatsApp:

Prepare GB WhatsApp application August, the premium version that won the approval of many people around the world, as the version was developed by the developers of the WhatsApp Plus version, and through the version you can work on using two WhatsApp accounts, on the same phone, and you can also work on using the version next to the main WhatsApp Or WhatsApp Plus without any problems.

Download GB WhatsApp

WhatsApp Blue WhatsApp Blue:

It is the beginning of the emergence of modified versions of the WhatsApp application, which succeeded in achieving a very wide popularity in a very short time, and the application succeeded in competing with the WhatsApp application and many other applications, and the blue WhatsApp also has a large number of countless features, where The application has all the features of WhatsApp, and other important features, which you will get once you download the application on your phone.

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