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How to get back the old WhatsApp Plus without an activation code

How to get back the old WhatsApp Plus without an activation code One of the questions that all people are looking for, from users of the global WhatsApp Plus application in its blue, yellow and red versions, with the emergence of many new updates on the application, many people are looking for a return to the old versions, and through the following article we will talk about ways to restore the old WhatsApp Plus.

Restore old WhatsApp Plus without activation code

The process of recovering old WhatsApp Plus without an activation code is one of the important services revealed by many experts around the world, as there are a wide range of various programs through which the old WhatsApp Plus can be retrieved without the need for the code.

Download ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer File Manager is one of the important programs that helps to restore the old WhatsApp Plus easily by following the following:

  • Download the program through the official website: Press here.
  • Head to the left side of SdcardWhatsAppDatabases in order to access the WhatsApp backup.
  • Click on the word msgtore.db.crypt8 and this by standing for a few seconds, the file name will be modified to become Backup-msgtore.db.crypt8.
  • At that time, it is possible to work on the messages that you want to return again, in addition to deleting the date, after which the word “approval” is selected.
  • Go to the application manager, then work will be done to delete all the data related to WhatsApp by choosing Clear Cache and Clear Data, and then press the word Agree.
  • In that case the old application is opened.

Download Android Data Recovery برنامج

The second program is the Android Data Recovery program, and it is one of the programs that has achieved great fame in this feature, where the program can be used to restore the old WhatsApp Plus by following the following:

  • The program is being downloaded through the following link: Press here.
  • Install the program on the computer.
  • If you choose the first window during the installation process, the word Next will appear in this window and in all of them.
  • After that, you have to click on the word In stall and this is until the process of installing the files on the device.
  • After the installation is completed, choose the word “Finish” and then the program is launched, in which case the computer is connected to the USB cable.
  • After that, the activation process for all the options that belong to the developers, in addition to that the Android phone must be connected in the correct way.
  • Then go to the settings of the phone and select the word About Phone.
  • Choose the word Build number by pressing it several times in a row in order for the word You are under developer mode to appear.

Here we will explain to you all the details about How to get back the old WhatsApp Plus without an activation code Easy and simple without any problems.

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