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How to get the new update from WhatsApp Plus Gold

The new update of WhatsApp Plus Gold ; What many users of WhatsApp Plus applications are looking for at the present time, in order to work on updating your application to the latest version and to obtain all the modifications that have been placed in the application by some developers working to modify and update the application for all users, as it is Application Whatsapp plus, one of the important and famous applications around the world, which received millions of downloads in a short time after many modifications were made to the modified versions of the main WhatsApp application of the global company Facebook, and the application is being constantly updated in order to add the required modifications.

How to get the new update from WhatsApp Plus Gold

In the recent period, the developers launched a number of new updates in Update the new WhatsApp Plus Gold, which won the admiration of many users, after many important modifications requested by users to continue to support and develop the application continuously, and many are looking for the best ways to update the application on the phone in an easy and smooth manner, in order to obtain new features and work on updating Application m through the following steps:

At first, we get a backup copy of the conversations of the application, by clicking on Settings, then Chats, and then choosing Backup Chats so that you do not lose any of your previous conversations.

– In the second step, we uninstall the previous version of WhatsApp Gold from your device, then download the new version of WhatsApp 8.10V through our website via the following link: Press here

In the last step, we restore our backup copy on the new application, by raising the old conversations at the same time, and then we use the application in an easy and simple way as it was before, so that the application returns to work as it was working with the new update, and you will get all the updates with it Not present in the old versions of WhatsApp Plus Blue or Gold.

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