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The most important facts about WhatsApp Plus

Whatsapp plus ; One of the applications that got a lot of downloads in record time on Android and iPhone, because of the important features that the application offers that are not found in the main application of WhatsApp, including the feature of unblocking and using more than one line on one phone without being banned and other things that You get it as soon as you download the application, and in our article we will review the most important facts about WhatsApp Plus.

Is WhatsApp Plus safe?

Indeed, the WhatsApp Plus application is safe and is not subject to hacking or permanent ban, as the application has been fully examined by some developers all over the world.

First: - Checking and verifying the codes

The software codes for WhatsApp Plus versions, whether gold, blue or red, were also checked by some developers, as the codes were checked through antivirus programs, and all of them were verified.

Second: WhatsApp Plus Gold does not expose you to ban

The WhatsApp Plus application is a moderate version of the original green WhatsApp application, as the application has been used for many years by all users, and the program has not been banned or users have been subjected to ban, and the application works fully and no one has complained about the ban, so it is safe And completely.

Third: Golden WhatsApp messages are encrypted in the original WhatsApp servers

All WhatsApp Plus messages are fully encrypted in the WhatsApp servers, and they cannot be decrypted easily at all, as it is impossible to decrypt even by WhatsApp itself, and the messages are naturally present in the application’s servers.

Fourth: WhatsApp Plus Gold without ads

The WhatsApp Plus Gold application, what distinguishes it, is that it does not have any annoying commercial ads that exist in previous versions, including pop-up ads that cause great annoyance to users, and the application is completely free of any developer support ads.

Fifth: WhatsApp Plus Gold is updated to the latest version

What distinguishes the WhatsApp Plus application, is that the application is constantly updated over time, in order to provide many features and modify the problems that appear with some users and cause many problems.

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