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Update the MB version for iPhone, latest version 2024

Update the MB version for iPhone, latest version 2024 iPhone users have increased their search for updating MB WhatsApp to get the new additions and enjoy the original iPhone look, so we will present to you in this report how to update the MB iPhone version to the latest version 9.93 and the most important advantages for everyone who wants to follow the next one.

What is mb whatsapp?

It is a new version of WhatsApp and it is called the WhatsApp iPhone mb version because it bears the original WhatsApp iPhone format and includes many features and emojis. This version works next to the official WhatsApp to operate a second number.

How to update the MB iPhone version to the latest version

The validity of the version lasts for only a month, so you must update WhatsApp for iPhone to the latest version 2023. Download the latest version and then log in again to WhatsApp for iPhone mb.

  • Open the browser and type MB WhatsApp APK
  • Now go to the download page and click on the download button.
  • Once you click the download file button, open the file from the device.
  • Then click the install button and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • After that, enter the OTP code that was sent to your mobile phone number.
  • Finally, log in by entering your name and you can use the application.

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Features and additions of WhatsApp iPhone mp

The application includes many features and additions after the update, the most important of which are the following:

  • The ability to stop recording audio clips and resume recording again.
  • Create your own avatar.
  • Edit modified messages.
  • You can mute incoming calls from unknown parties.
  • Saved conversations feature has been added.
  • You can edit messages after sending them.
  • Stop the feature of WhatsApp statuses appearing in the chat list.
  • A notification has been added that the audio clip will be played when someone plays the audio clip you sent to them.

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MB WhatsApp update additions

Many features have been added in the latest version, the most important of which are the following:

  • Flight mode.
  • Night mode.
  • You can protect WhatsApp with a pattern or fingerprint code.
  • You can copy texts copy statuses.
  • Stop deleting messages.
  • Enlarge profile photos.
  • You can set who can contact you and who cannot contact you.
  • The app contains more than 3000 themes.
  • The app offers emojis and stickers that make chatting more aesthetic.

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Update the MB version for iPhone, latest version 2024

The WhatsApp mb application is one of the important versions that achieved a lot of success in record time, as the application is available on all phones, and can be downloaded through the following links:

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB3 WhatsApp:

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