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Download the WhatsApp Plus 17.40 update, the latest version of WhatsApp Plus v17.40

Download the WhatsApp Plus 17.40 update, the latest version of WhatsApp Plus v17.40 Blue WhatsApp is an application for chatting and communicating with all people around the world, and the developer, Abu Arab, has released a new version of WhatsApp, and it is clean and safe.

WhatsApp Plus update 17.40

  • Prepare Whatsapp plus It is one of the most important applications dedicated to existing messages and chatting, and this version has been updated and updated.
  • This is in order for the developer to put in it many features, and these features were not present in any other application.
  • WhatsApp Plus contains many features that are very powerful, and this WhatsApp is in a very strong and fierce competition between the golden version of WhatsApp and the version of WhatsApp Plus.
  • You can download the blue WhatsApp to check all the features in it and learn about its other features.

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 Information about WhatsApp Plus

  • The first time the blue WhatsApp version was updated was 5 days ago, and WhatsApp works without stopping for up to 5 consecutive months from the time this version was updated.
  • There is also an option to activate the dark mode for WhatsApp, and there is also an option to activate the transparent mode, and there is also a lot of proxy.
  • There is also a quick access option through which a person can go back to all their conversations without going back to the home screen.
  • The blue WhatsApp version contains a specific option, and this option is called the explosive text, and this option is used to send a very large number of messages without any restrictions.
  • Also, in this version, there is an option for text, font selection, and decoration for all texts.
  • Also, a lot of improvements have been added to this option, and sharing is available in all Instagram cases.
  • A large number of modern shapes have been added to the falling effects option in the new WhatsApp update.

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What's new in the WhatsApp Plus update 17.40

The application developers have worked to provide a number of new features and improvements in the application, which will help in the process of using the application better, as work has been done to add the following:

  • New UI improvements.
  • Solving the problem of blocking users.
  • Solve the problem of the application suddenly stopped working.
  • Add a lot of new themes and designs.
  • The @ sign appears on the main screen of WhatsApp, which is intended to mention any name in all groups.
  • The user also displays all his messages in groups in a separate way.
  • Also, one of the latest modern options in this version is the automatic reply option, and also one of the options added to this export is scheduled messages.

Download the WhatsApp Plus 17.40 update, the latest version of WhatsApp Plus v17.40

After the application developers launched the new update in the past hours, the search for downloading the application has become extremely important, as the developers have officially launched the new version for all systems, where the application can be downloaded through the following links:

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB3 WhatsApp:

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