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Download WhatsApp Plus APK 17.76, the latest update against the ban

Download the WhatsApp Plus APK 17.76 update, the latest anti-ban update. The WhatsApp Plus application is considered one of the most important applications that many users are looking for due to the presence of many characteristics and features in this application, as the WhatsApp Plus application gives you more features that you will not find in similar applications, as it It gives you the advantage of using whatever type of phone you have, in addition to the possibility of messaging individually or through groups or groups, as is done in other applications, but through the WhatsApp Plus application, it is in a new and developed way. Also, the WhatsApp Plus application is considered like the official application, but with unique features and characteristics, i.e. It is identical to the official application, but in a different form and image that makes the user resort to it due to the presence of multiple advantages.

Features of the WhatsApp Plus application

There are many features in the WhatsApp Plus application. In addition to the new modified version, many features have been added, as the features come as follows:

  • Anti-ban feature for the latest version of the WhatsApp Plus application.
  • Hide appearance feature.
  • Privacy Options feature.
  • Feature of hiding conversations.
  • Possibility of automatic response if you are busy.
  • The feature of calling an unsaved number via the Viber application.
  • Find out who visited your profile through the application.
  • Lock WhatsApp with your own password.
  • Sending videos up to 30 MB instead of 16.
  • Setting case number of 280 characters.
  • The feature of clicking on links without storing.
  • Preview media messages without downloading.
  • The advantage of sending approximately 90 messages at once.
  • Status copy feature.
  • When making copies of a message, there is a feature to hide the name and date.
  • Sending you notifications when a friend changes her data or photos.
  • Send photos in high resolution.
  • Feature of changing the program's appearance.
  • Feature of sending messages across groups separately.

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Steps to download WhatsApp Plus APK 17.76 update

Here are the steps that qualify you to download the WhatsApp Plus application, which are as follows:

  • First, you must make a backup copy of your chat via the official WhatsApp application.
  • Save the finished copy.
  • After ensuring that the chat is backed up, delete the application.
  • Then search for the WhatsApp Plus application by typing WhatsApp plus.
  • You will find the application through the Google search engine. Follow the instructions to install the application, and after completing the installation, you can enjoy the features that are present in the application and transfer the chat and backup copy that you made through the WhatsApp Plus application.

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Download WhatsApp Plus APK 17.76, the latest update against the ban

The WhatsApp Plus update is one of the distinguished updates that has been launched in the past hours, as the update provides many important features for all people, and many problems have been solved.

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus:

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We have put in your hands sufficient information about the WhatsApp Plus application, including its features and download steps.

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