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Download WhatsApp Plus Gold 2021 update for Android and iPhone

Update WhatsApp Plus Gold 2021 One of the important updates that many people are constantly looking for at the present time, with the aim of obtaining new updates that the application provides to all users, whether on Android or iPhone stores and other stores, as the application has achieved wide popularity in record time, and it has become one of the applications strongly requested by So many people.

WhatsApp Plus Gold

that WhatsApp Plus Gold applicationIt is one of the important applications that were launched by developers around the world, by providing a lot of features that many users are looking for, and even though it is an application similar to the basic WhatsApp application, but many modifications were included in the application by the developers, which contributed to the spread of The application has increased significantly in the past years, and it has become a required application.

What's new in WhatsApp Plus Gold 2021 update

تحديث واتس اب بلس الذهبي 2021

The WhatsApp Plus Gold application is one of the free and distinctive applications. In the past, the developers have launched a number of distinctive new updates that are provided on Android and iPhone phones, and the most prominent new updates are:

  • Significantly update the WhatsApp base, which helped extend the validity of the version for more than 3 months.
  • Add the feature of listening to voice messages very quickly through the application.
  • Added a new option to delete the remnants of WhatsApp directly.
  • The feature of increasing the size of the case for more than 10 minutes.
  • The feature of completely deleting messages for everyone.
  • Fixed a delay in sending and receiving messages.
  • .Get rid of the problem of collapse when cutting video.

Features of WhatsApp Gold New Version 2021

تحديث واتس اب بلس الذهبي 2021

The WhatsApp Gold application provides a lot of features that made it one of the applications that all users are looking for, namely:

  • Flight mode: It is to turn off the Internet on WhatsApp.
  • night mode: Add the dark mode to the yellow WhatsApp and control it from the main.
  • Switch between accounts: Through the application, you can operate more than one number in the same application without any problem, while maintaining chats for all numbers.
  • A new tab for groups separates them from individual chats.

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Privacy in downloading WhatsApp Gold 2021

The application provides a complete list of privacy and security settings that are distinguished, which are:

  • Hide the last seen on the application for all friends.
  • Put a lock on WhatsApp.
  • Stop indicating that the message is being forwarded from another person.
  • Control who can contact you.
  • Hide is now online and appear when all users.
  • Hide View Story, as no one will be able to know that you have viewed their Story.
  • Prevent anyone from deleting messages.

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Other features in WhatsApp against the golden ban

There are also some other features:

  • download whatsapp status: Where you can download the WhatsApp status on the phone directly.
  • Operate more than one number on one phone: Through the use of WhatsApp Gold and other versions, it is possible to operate more than one number.
  • change whatsapp lineYou can also control the fonts in WhatsApp.
  • Notification Control: You can see who viewed your status or who changed your profile picture directly.
  • The shape and color of the widget can be controlled within the application.
  • Make a scheduled message or an automatic reply.
  • Activate the night mode feature.

Download WhatsApp Plus Gold 2021 update for Android and iPhone

The golden version of WhatsApp Plus, the new version with the distinctive update that you got in the past hours, is available on all phones for free, where you can enjoy all the new features by simply downloading the application, and it can be downloaded by following the following:

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB3 WhatsApp:

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