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How to update WhatsApp Plus for the new version 2022 against ban and ads

How to update WhatsApp Plus to the new version 2022 ; One of the very important things that a large group of users of the main WhatsApp application is looking for, in case they want to download whatsapp plus app, on their phone, in order to get the various features that the application provides to all users, and to start having a unique experience, as the process of updating and installing the application on cheering while preserving the various messages and other files on the main application of WhatsApp In an easy and simple way.

How to download WhatsApp Plus against ban 2022

At the outset, all those wishing to obtain WhatsApp Plus application Against the ban, download the application officially, through the links shown below, where you must make sure that the download is completely completed on the phone, in order to download all the files of the application on your phone, in order to install the application completely without losing conversations.

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Note: copy Whatsapp plus It cannot work on your phone, in the case of the original WhatsApp copy, and the copy can work by deleting the main application.

How to update WhatsApp Plus to the new version 2022

After downloading the application on your phone, the most important question begins, which is how to update WhatsApp Plus, in order to obtain the new version of the application that has many updates that are added to the application by developers, where if the update is done incorrectly, this will cause Completely losing conversations without a way to restore them, so in order to not face any problem, follow the following steps and take into account the following:

In the event that you are not banned from your WhatsApp number, you must start the following steps:

  1. At the beginning of the steps, you must get a backup copy of your private conversations, files, etc., by clicking on WhatsApp settings and then chats then Chat backups; So you don't lose your past conversations:
  2. The next step, we are working to completely uninstall the previous version of WhatsApp Plus Gold from your device.
  3. And we are downloading WhatsApp Plus Gold, the new version 7.10 and above and do your number on it.


You must make sure that all backup files have been transferred from their old place to the new place in WhatsApp Plus, in order to get your old messages, files and photos completely, and you will also get the numbers registered on the phone and the groups subscribed to on the green WhatsApp.

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