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Download WhatsApp Gold new update 2020

Download golden whatsapp ; It is one of the important applications that many people are looking for, who are looking for fully modified WhatsApp applications Golden WhatsApp applicationIt is one of the modified and distinctive applications that has a large number of important features that many people are looking for. Upload WhatsApp cases for up to 7 minutes.

Features of WhatsApp Gold, the new update 2020

Users of the WhatsApp Gold application can also work on a group call, and it is also possible to work on knowing the messages that were sent to you and have been deleted from the application, where messages can be restored without any problems, and it is also possible to prevent the appearance of videos and images in the studio, by entering Conversation, then clicking on the person's photo, then viewing the media, and there is a huge number of different stickers in the application.

It is also possible to hide the writing in progress feature, which appears when writing a message, or the feature of hiding an audio or video recording, which also appears on the audio recording. It is also possible to operate two WhatsApp numbers and more, and conversations can be locked with a secret number.

Download WhatsApp Gold new update 2020

Download Golden WhatsApp, from the application that can be obtained in an easy and simplified way, on all phones, by downloading to your device and starting to transfer conversations and photos to the new application easily.

It is worth noting that the WhatsApp Gold application is one of the distinctive applications that received a huge number of downloads in a very short period, and the application received a large number of large and important updates at the beginning of this year, in order to add many of the features that many demanded.

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