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Download GBWhatsApp for iPhone 2024 against bans and hacking

Download GBWhatsApp for iPhone 2024 The GBWhatsApp program is one of the most important and best chat programs, and it is the most popular at the present time, as it has many features that are not found in other WhatsApp programs, but many wonder is there GBWhatsApp that works on Android devices? And the answer is yes. Where the developers developed the GB WhatsApp program and it works on iPhone devices of all versions, and in this article we will mention everything related to the GB WhatsApp application for the iPhone, so follow us to the end.

GB WhatsApp for iPhone

تحميل جي بي واتساب للايفون 2024 GBWhatsApp ضد الحظر والهكر

The GB WhatsApp program for iPhone is a modified and developed program from the official and original WhatsApp program. The developers developed it and worked to add many features that are not found in the original WhatsApp, and the GB WhatsApp program ranks first among the rest of the other Plus programs, as it is distinguished With the feature of fast communication and instant media sharing, and the application is completely free, you can download it without paying any financial fees, and it is very safe and does not cause any harm to your phone, and we will mention all its features in the coming paragraphs, so follow us to the end.

How to download GB WhatsApp for iPhone

  • You can download the GB WhatsApp application through this direct link.from here''.
  • We recommend that you use the Safari browser to avoid problems during the download.
  • After downloading the application, go to Settings, then choose General, then Device Management, then trust the WhatsApp GB application for iPhone.
  • After that, open the latest GB WhatsApp application, which you will find on the home screen of your iPhone, and enjoy all its features.

Features of WhatsApp GB for iPhone

Featuring GB WhatsApp application It has many advantages, the most important of which are:

تحميل جي بي واتساب للايفون 2024 GBWhatsApp ضد الحظر والهكر

  • The ability to revoke the message deletion feature, where you can read messages even if the sender has deleted them.
  • You can run two accounts on the same app simultaneously.
  • WhatsApp GB for iPhone features the payment options feature, through which you can pay your friends via UPI.
  • The possibility of disconnecting the Internet from the application, through the DND feature in the application.
  • The application has a simple and easy to use interface.
  • The possibility of mentioning the name of any person in the group through the Mention feature.
  • The ability to download your friends' stories.
  • The ability to hide your last appearance from the application.
  • Possibility to hide the word online now.
  • You can deactivate receiving calls.
  • You can send about 90 photos to your friends at once.
  • The ability to save chat and personal conversations in the form of a zip file.
  • The ability to copy and send complete conversations without the person's name appearing.
  • You can view your friends' stories without them knowing.

Features of GB WhatsApp update for iPhone

Provides Update WhatsApp Plus GB for iPhone has a large number of important features, which are as follows:

تحميل جي بي واتساب للايفون 2023 GBWhatsApp ضد الحظر والهكر

  • The new update provides the option to hide the screen from the header.
  • In addition, displaying the person's status if they click on their profile picture.
  • Added media preview feature before downloading.
  • Re-publish your cases directly in the story.
  • Choose the appropriate language for you to use in the application.
  • In-app backup.
  • Adding many international languages and providing the translation feature.
  • Add new emoji.
  • In addition, a notification of blocked calls is shown in the application, and you can modify the feature.
  • Added the option to disable double click to like the message.
  • An icon next to the name of the owner of the group to identify its owner.

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Link to download GBWhatsApp for iPhone 2024 against bans and hacking

In the same context, the application developers have launched many important updates that will help users get a unique experience, as the application can be downloaded through the official website of the application.from here''. Then you should follow all the instructions above.

In conclusion, we bring you to the end of the article Download GBWhatsApp for iPhone 2024 against bans and hacking, through which we provided all information about the application.

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