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Download WhatsApp Ibn al-Hajj al-Aswad 2024 ABwhatsapp for Android and iPhone

Download WhatsApp Ibn al-Hajj al-Aswad 2024 ABwhatsapp for Android and iPhone  It is a modified messaging application developed by Abdul Malik Al-Hajj, and it is from the original WhatsApp program. It is not limited to one copy, but rather it consists of 6 copies, as there is a copy of it installed instead of the official WhatsApp and the rest of the copies are installed alongside the official WhatsApp, and it is worth noting that you can To install all copies of WhatsApp Ibn al-Hajj al-Aswad on one phone and activate with different numbers, which gives you an advantage other than the official application, because you can install the application with different numbers, as we talked about this topic, and activate at the same time. Perhaps this feature does not exist in other applications.

Features of WhatsApp Ibn al-Hajj al-Aswad

The Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Aswad WhatsApp application gives you many unique features, of which we bring you the most prominent ones as follows:

  • The ability to transfer your conversations from Ibn al-Hajj al-Aswad’s WhatsApp with the click of a button.
  • Feature of hiding and showing the translation code in the sending box.
  • The advantage of adding a logo when someone writes you a message.
  • Possibility of adding a ripple interface, and an image interface as well
  • Quick chat feature.
  • Feature of hiding explosive text on the chat screen.
  • The ability to hide viewing the status according to the person to whom you can show the status.
  • Anti-ban feature.

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What's new in Ibn al-Hajj al-Aswad's WhatsApp?

تحميل واتساب ابن الحاج الاسود 2024 ABwhatsapp للاندرويد والايفون

When Ibn al-Hajj al-Aswad’s WhatsApp was used, there were some errors or some defects in it, but the developer Abdul Malik made updates and fixes for these defects in addition to developing new features, which are as follows:

  • Modification of some defects that were present in the message box of the translation code.
  • Fixed hiding the status view without the other party knowing.
  • Fixing defects that were present in the Add-ons section on Android devices.
  • Fix for blank space when scrolling in UI.
  • Work on fixing the defects that were present in the contact box.
  • Fixed the random malfunction of the bottom bubble bar.
  • Fixed the defects that existed when viewing the media when it was sent once.
  • There are some crashes in some phones, and work has been done to fix this problem.
  • For Android 14 versions, work has been done to fix storage operations.
  • Android versions 13 and above have worked to fix the backup and restore issue.
  • Fixes problems related to direct errors in some devices.
  • Adding other fixes and improvements.
  • When you log into Ibn al-Hajj al-Aswad WhatsApp, the new version, you will find many updates and new features.

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Download WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Aswad

How to download Ibn al-Hajj al-Aswad WhatsApp is one of the easy and simple steps, but many people may not recognize it, so we will show you how to download Ibn al-Hajj al-Aswad WhatsApp in the following lines:

  • First, you must go to the download link for the Ibn al-Hajj al-Aswad WhatsApp application by logging in from here.
  • Click on the download option.
  • After that, a menu will appear to you from the browser. Look at the bottom of the menu. You will find the word Cancel or Download. Click on Download.
  • Wait until the download is completed and then install the application.
  • You will face a problem, which is the problem of not installing the application. Do not worry about all of that, because on our website you will find a solution for every problem. Regarding the problem of not installing, go to the settings and modify this matter easily.

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WhatsApp settings by Ibn al-Hajj al-Aswad

When we talked about how to download Ibn al-Hajj al-Aswad’s WhatsApp in the previous paragraph, we talked about the problem of not installing the application. Hence, we mentioned to you that you go to the settings, and through this point we will explain to you the Ibn al-Hajar al-Aswad’s WhatsApp settings by following the following points:

  • There are so-called privacy settings, which are the constants inside the Ibn al-Hajj al-Aswad WhatsApp application, which include viewing status, preventing deletion, hiding writing and audio recording, and many similar things.
  • As for the chat screen settings, you can hide the shape of the top bar, hide the biography, and modify the chat properties.
  • Update settings, and this is the basis of our conversation. Through this feature that is present in the settings, you can update the application with ease.
  • Backup, where you can make backup copies of conversations automatically.
  • Switching the account. This feature is not found in other applications, meaning it is unique and only exists in the Ibn al-Hajj al-Aswad WhatsApp application, which makes it much easier for you to use more than one number for the application.

Ibn al-Hajj al-Aswad’s WhatsApp is considered one of the applications that carries many features and characteristics, so do not miss this application and download it immediately.


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