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Download blue WhatsApp uptodown latest version

Download blue WhatsApp uptodown It is one of the best developed WhatsApp Plus applications, which was created by Abu Arab, and it is one of the very important applications that has achieved great success in recent times, and the developers have worked to add a lot of features to the blue WhatsApp application uptodown, and you can also update the application periodically from Through the links for this with ease, knowing that the application is modified from the normal WhatsApp and is completely against bans and hackers, as it is free of harmful ads.

blue whatsapp app uptodown

The blue WhatsApp application uptodown, is an application for exchanging messages between Android devices, and the application is one of the most used applications in 2022, due to the presence of many features that are not found in the regular WhatsApp, and the application is completely free and very safe when used, and free of harmful viruses Also, the application is updated periodically every 4 or 5 months, in order to fix problems with it and make the version more secure, and it is modified every period and many features are added to it, which made it an advanced and distinctive version.

Blue WhatsApp from uptodown

Download the blue WhatsApp application from uptodown, as it is one of the best stores to download uptodown applications with direct links, and the application is designed to contain additions and features that are not found in the regular WhatsApp, including that you can use more than one account or phone number in one device, and you can also transfer Conversations and photos from the normal WhatsApp to the Blue WhatsApp application with ease and without any effort, by making a backup copy of the settings on Google, then open the Blue WhatsApp application and restore the backup with ease.

Advantages of the blue WhatsApp application uptodown

The application has a number of features, including:

تحميل واتساب بلس الازرق WhatsApp Plus APK أحدث اصدار 2022

  • WhatsApp base update
  • Double click on the message to like ?.
  • You can send any type of emoji in messages by pressing ➕.
  • Incognito mode for calls has been added.
  • Possibility to hide the word online now.
  • Adding a confirmation message before publishing the case (photo/video).
  • You can share contacts with ease.
  • Lots of emojis and various stickers have been added.
  • The ability to listen to the audio recording in the background.
  • The presence of more than one language, including Arabic and English.
  • The ability to change the font in the application.
  • Add subtitles for voice changer options.
  • Added an option to hide the privacy terms notice.
  • The possibility of opening more than one account in the application.
  • The possibility of changing the sound of the recording through the 3 points and then changing the sound.
  • Preview the poster to confirm before sending it.
  • Add the archiver in the main screen so that it now takes the color of themes.
  • The ability to delete the downloaded emoji.
  • The ability to translate chat texts.
  • Add the effects of scrolling messages up and down within the conversation.
  • Added a new look for contact information.
  • Change the appearance of the audio clip when recording it.
  • Fix hidden conversations screen.
  • Fix unclickable bot list.
  • Fixed a blue microphone icon issue on the home screen.
  • Fixed mute indicator in WAMOD style.
  • The ability to hide the word being written while writing your messages.
  • Hide your last seen.
  • The ability to view the status of your friends without their knowledge and many other features that you can discover for yourself.

Download blue WhatsApp uptodown latest version

Open the uptodown store, then click on the blue WhatsApp download links from the Mediafire website, then click on “Start Download”, you will notice the start of the download process, and after the download process is completed, you will find the application on your phone, open it, and then register your number on it through The application, then use the application with ease.”from here“,

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