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Download WhatsApp Plus new version 2021 for Android and iPhone with all the features

Download WhatsApp Plus new version 2021  It is an updated program from the regular WhatsApp program, as it has many characteristics that distinguish it from other social networking programs, as the WhatsApp program supports many features that make many people like to deal with this program more than any other program.

Because WhatsApp Plus program It supports many features that are not found in any other social networking program, including Facebook, Instagram and some other programs. In this article, we learn about some of the features of this program and some of its features and how to download it with a direct link through some simple steps.

Features and features of the new WhatsApp Plus program

Every period, programmers have some ideas to innovate and innovate from the programs that they designed, as the new WhatsApp Plus program had a lot of features, but after a while they explained some other modifications, so that this program would be one of the favorite programs of many people, and we will know today Some of the features and characteristics of this program.

  • This program supports the privacy feature in saving your number, as this program is one of the best programs that exist so that the number that is talking to you knows you, and supports the direct blocking feature. This ban is the only savior in leaving this person and that you do not want to deal with him
  • Also, this program supports the feature of changing the status every day according to your desire, as each case alone ends within twenty-four hours continuously.
  • You can provide your profile picture by entering the program settings and changing the picture with ease.
  • As this WhatsApp Plus program has the best possible feature, which is to send messages to all people at the same time, and you can send all photos and videos, regardless of the size of the video that you send. You have a chat with him, even if he is in a country other than yours.
  • Also, this program supports the group chat feature or the work of a group consisting of more than a hundred people at one time and can exchange a lot of photos and videos.
  • Since many people like to deal with this type of program because it has privacy, and through the privacy that exists in it does not unite some of the opposites from numbers you did not know, this is one of the most distinguishing features of this program

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As this program can be downloaded easily by searching in Google and searching for the download method, then you enter the online store and write the download of the WhatsApp Plus program, it will show you several results and you will download it immediately.

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