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Download WhatsApp Plus Abu Saddam Al-Rifai One of the important applications and versions that many users are looking for in different parts of the world, as this version has achieved great popularity on all phones in the past period, and is the best version due to the features that this version provides to all users around the world.

WhatsApp Plus Abu Saddam Al-Rifai

The version of WhatsApp Plus Abu Saddam Al-Rifai is the best version in copying Whatsapp plus Global, which achieved great fame and was developed by Abu Saddam Al-Rifai, in order to fully develop the WhatsApp version for all users on Android and iPhone phones in various different versions, as the version has a huge number of important capabilities that we will talk about in the article.

Features of WhatsApp Plus Abu Saddam Al-Rifai

The WhatsApp Plus Abu Saddam Al-Rifai application has a number of important features that you will get once you download this version, which are:

  • Completely hide your online status.
  • Hide writing status and audio recording on the app.
  • The message has been seen is hidden.
  • Control the two blue health sign significantly.

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WhatsApp Plus settings Abu Saddam Al-Rifai

owns Whatsapp plus Abu Saddam Al-Rifai made many important settings, which came as follows:

  • Possibility to download stickers and emojis.
  • Clean the program on an ongoing basis, in order to get rid of corrupted codes and viruses.
  • The application provides many different wallpapers.
  • Add an auto reply feature, in order to send an auto reply to your contacts.
  • Customize chat screens based on your choice.
  • Added more customization features in the version.
  • Share a video of up to 50MB quickly and without any problems.
  • Share high quality photos with your friends.
  • Through the application, you can also share audio clips of up to 100MB.
  • Share photos in high quality while preserving them.
  • Share video statuses longer than 30 seconds and can be up to seven minutes.
  • Keep track of your records and activities over time.
  • Choose fonts through the application from a variety of fonts provided by the application.
  • A full backup can be made and restored over time.
  • The application provides to add the description of the group in the WhatsApp application.
  • Send any files such as PDF, TXT, Docs and a lot of different formats.

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Download WhatsApp Plus Abu Saddam Al-Rifai

The WhatsApp Plus Abu Saddam Al-Rifai application works on many different versions and also works on all phones, whether Android or iPhone, in various versions and in different spaces, as the application will not need any space for work, and the application can be obtained through the links shown below.

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus Abu Saddam Al-Rifai:

Download GB WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB3 WhatsApp:

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