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Download WhatsApp Green 2021 WhatsApp Green against the ban for Android and iPhone

Downloading the green WhatsApp Plus is one of the important applications in the field of WhatsApp Plus applications, as the application has issued searches significantly in the past few days, in order to obtain the application, which has many important features that cannot be obtained with any of the other applications The application has a good number of features that cannot be obtained in any other applications that work in the same field.

The application has the feature of hiding the last appearance and great control over the application by hiding the recipient’s knowledge that you have read the message or not, and the colors can be changed and controlled in a very large way, and the application allows you to work on raising cases more than before.

What's new in WhatsApp Green: 

has an update Whatsapp plus The new green has a large number of features that have been added in the application by the developers, in order to make it easier for users to use the application, including:

  • Change the shape of the story to become the shape of Instagram completely.
  • Clicking on WhatsApp has been disabled.
  • Hide unwanted cases.
  • Previously viewed cases can be hidden.
  • Hide all recent statuses.
  • Solve the problem of installing the application on Android Kitkat.
  • Fixed unread message counter not being applied.

Features of WhatsApp Plus Green

The application has a very large number of important features, which we will talk about today, namely:

  • The ability to operate more than two lines on the same phone.
  • The ability to hide appearances from friends.
  • Hide the health sign in the application.
  • Through the application, you can greatly control privacy.
  • It is also possible through the application to work on raising more cases than before.
  • You can control the existing cases, which are also raised.

How to download WhatsApp Plus green

The process of downloading Whatsapp plus Green on the phone is very easy and does not need any trouble, as you can apply it through the following steps:

1- You must first obtain a backup copy of WhatsApp.

2- You must make sure that the copying process is completed before it is downloaded to the phone.

3- Delete the regular WhatsApp copy from the phone completely.

4- Reinstall the new version you want to install and identify the number.

Download WhatsApp Green WhatsApp Green against ban

WhatsApp Plus Green, is a unique free application that works on all different phones, including Android and iPhone, and the application does not need any of the major features, as it can be downloaded through the following link:

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB3 WhatsApp:

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