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Download WhatsApp Plus Blue latest version 2020 against the ban Whatsapp Plus

Many of us are looking for Download blue whatsapp plus Latest version 2020 against ban Whatsapp Plus; Which succeeded in achieving great successes in a very short period and topped global searches in order to obtain the miracle application, which offers many important features that are not found in any of the other applications around the world, as the application allows you to communicate with all friends around the world. The world, while maintaining privacy and security, and the application also provides you with complete protection of personal information and data, from leakage, exposure to theft or hacking in the application, and the application is a modified version of the basic WhatsApp application.

Information about the blue WhatsApp Plus

  • Program name: blue whatsapp plus.
  • Software version: V8.00.
  • Updated: September 4, 2019.
  • Developed company:AlexMods.
  • Program size: 48 MB.
  • Software license: completely free.
  • Compatible systems: Android.
  • Required Android version: 5.0+
  • Language: Arabic and all other languages.

Features of the blue WhatsApp 2020 WhatsApp Plus

Application Blue WhatsApp PlusIt offers users a huge number of important features that cannot be obtained in the normal WhatsApp, as the application helps you to fully use all the features that we explain to you that you get in the legendary application.

Hide online status:

It is a common and useful feature for all users, which helps you to hide your online status from others, as friends cannot see you online when this feature is turned on.

Hide blue ticks:

It is also possible in the application to obtain a single mark, when sending the message, which shows the double marks at the bottom of the messages that indicate that it has been delivered, and which do not appear again in the case of sending messages.

تحميل واتس اب بلس الازرق اخر اصدار 2019 ضد الحظر Whatsapp Plus
Download WhatsApp Plus Blue latest version 2020 against the ban Whatsapp Plus

Writing or recording status:

It is what appears when a person writes messages or records audio clips, which allows all recipients to know whether you are writing something or not, and which the basic application provided to all users, as the application helps you reduce privacy significantly, in order to stay away from all existing matters In the green app.

cleaning tool:

It is one of the beautiful and distinctive tools that the application offers you, in order to delete unimportant chats that cause a burden on the application, as the tool helps you to clean WhatsApp completely.

Auto reply feature:

One of the powerful features provided by the application, which was present on the Whatsapp Business application, as it is one of the features that the application provided to you for free, and you can set the automatic reply by downloading the application.

How to activate the WhatsApp Plus application on your device

  • You must first work on installing the application on the phone, through the links shown below.
  • Then get a full backup of the messages of the main application, through the settings of the chats in the WhatsApp application, then the settings of Go to - Chats - Backup, then get a full backup, and wait for the download.
  • We uninstall the old WhatsApp application from the phone, by going to Settings - Applications - WhatsApp Plus - Uninstall.
  • We install the app on the phone after that, then type in your mobile number and verify your number via an OTP code (it's an automatic process).

Download WhatsApp Plus Blue latest version 2020 against ban

Download WhatsApp Plus Blue latest version 2020 against ban ; Which we offer you on our website directly, in order to get all the features described and more through the application, where the application can be downloaded.

واتساب بلس

The blue WhatsApp Plus application is the new update, and one of the applications that has received many important updates and has won the approval of all people, as the application has worked to add many of the features requested by users.

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