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Download WhatsApp Gold Plus 2020 the latest update of Whatsapp gold plus by maintaining conversations

WhatsApp Plus Gold 2020 latest update ; One of the important applications that many people are looking for in the Arab world, as the application offers many features that cannot be obtained in any of the other applications. WhatsApp Plus Gold, in provoking controversy in the recent period after the application provided many features that are not present in the main WhatsApp application, as the application was developed by some Arab developers, in order to add many free features that help many people obtain all The services are free.

The application aims to provide a new and better experience to all users, by providing many different advantages that are not present in the main application, as work has been done to increase privacy, media, user experience, and other things that we explain to you.

How to download WhatsApp Gold and run it on the phone

At first, you should know that the Whatsapp gold plus application is not available on the Google Play Store, where the application must be downloaded through our official website, via the following link: from hereThen work on executing all of the following instructions:

  • In the beginning, you must preserve the data of your main WhatsApp account, by working on a backup copy, in order to work on raising it in WhatsApp Plus Gold, by clicking on the chat settings, and you will get the backup sign, which start getting it.


  • After obtaining a backup copy of the main application, you must go to the settings of your phone, then click on Manage applications, go to the official WhatsApp application, delete it completely from the device, and work on Download the WhatsApp Plus Gold application on your phone.
  • After you have finished downloading WhatsApp Plus Gold on your phone, you must do the installation of the device on the phone, then start installing the application normally without any problems, then work on restoring the backup on the golden application.

After completing the installation process officially, you must open the application normally and start using all the features that the application offers you.

After working on installing the application on your phone, you can get all the old and new features provided by the developers on the application, which will help you greatly in conducting conversations in complete privacy.

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