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How to run WhatsApp Plus without the Internet

Run WhatsApp Plus without the Internet One of the important services that all users of the WhatsApp Plus application are waiting for around the world, in order to run the application without the need to connect to the Internet, as the company is working to launch many features permanently in order to provide distinguished services to all people without exception, and through the following article we will talk How to run WhatsApp Plus without the Internet.

Run WhatsApp Plus without the Internet

Meta, the owner of the WhatsApp application, revealed that after a long wait, it provided one of the important features awaited by millions around the world, which helps users to connect their account to a second device such as a computer, while sending and receiving messages without the need for a basic smartphone connection to the Internet.

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How to run WhatsApp Plus without the Internet

All people who use the WhatsApp Plus application, can work to activate the new feature that was launched by WhatsApp, by using more than one connected device on one phone, and chat can be used on the web, computer and other devices by connecting it to your phone whether it is connected internet or not.

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The feature provides all connected devices with a new solution in order to get rid of one of the significant limitations of WhatsApp, which in turn prevents users from opening their accounts on another device and continuing to use the service while the smartphone on which the account is registered remains connected to the Internet, so that they can have any conversation on the devices linked to the main device, according to Al Arabiya.

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