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Learn the difference between the blue WhatsApp Plus and the basic WhatsApp

The difference between the blue WhatsApp Plus and the basic WhatsApp ; One of the important questions that many people are looking for before downloading the application on the phone, in order to know what is new that will be available in the WhatsApp Plus application in its two versions, whether gold or blue, which it provides to all users, as the application won the approval of many users about The world for what it offers important features that help users get a distinct experience, as we presented in a previous article Features of the WhatsApp Plus application Completely, which differentiates from the basic application of the global WhatsApp of the global company Facebook.

What is the difference between the blue WhatsApp Plus and the basic WhatsApp?

There are many important differences between the blue WhatsApp Plus and the basic WhatsApp, as it allows users to work on modifying many important things in the application, as the application helps you to hide the appearance on the application, and through the application you can work to disable the writing feature, in In the case of a person writing a message to a friend, which is one of the features that are not present in the main application.

The most important features of the blue WhatsApp Plus program

complete privacy:

The blue WhatsApp Plus application has complete privacy from the main application, where you can control privacy by hiding the appearance and setting the time to hide it with the date and time.

Program control:

The application also helps you choose the appropriate theme colors, where you can work on modifying the colors and background of the application, and there are many themes ready for use within WhatsApp Plus.

Lock conversations:

Through the application, you can work to protect conversations and preserve privacy completely, by locking your existing conversations with a secret number, and this will prevent anyone from intruding on the conversations completely, and no one will view the conversations until after typing the password.

lines :

Through the application, you can also control the fonts and their type more than before, where you can send your messages distinctive and attractive among your friends.

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