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Download Ammar Al-Awadi WhatsApp No. 10 AN WhatsApp new update

Download Ammar Al-Awadi WhatsApp No. 10 AN WhatsApp new update One of the most important applications that many people are searching for, due to the new updates that were added to Ammar Al-Awadi WhatsApp No. 10, as Ammar Al-Awadi WhatsApp is considered one of the best modified WhatsApp applications, given that many people are waiting for the new version of this application due to the no updates it contains. There are similar applications, where the special versions of WhatsApp Plus, from which WhatsApp Ammar Al-Awad No. 10 comes, are the best among these versions. It is worth noting that the special version of WhatsApp Ammar Al-Awad No. 10 has been appreciated by many people who have used it.

Features of the Ammar Al-Awadi WhatsApp application

The Ammar Al-Awadi WhatsApp application is characterized by many of the following advantages:

  • Dark mode feature.
  • Activate transparent mode.
  • Quick access to any chat.
  • Explosive text feature, by sending countless messages at once.
  • Feature of quick poetic texts.
  • Falling effects feature.
  • Prevent adding others to groups.
  • Activate or deactivate the Show More option.
  • Auto reply feature.
  • Possibility of contacts and conversations or deleting them.
  • The ability to cancel the message at any time you want.
  • Color control.
  • Control notifications.
  • You can forward countless messages.
  • Installed approximately 1000 chats.

Ammar Al-Awadi WhatsApp features, latest version

There are many features that exist in Ammar Al-Awadi WhatsApp No. 10. We bring to you the most prominent new features:

  • Feature of approximately 30 photos to be sent from the photo studio.
  • Send up to 30 videos in one go.
  • Possibility of sending large files.
  • Download videos and photos at once.
  • The ability to watch videos and photos in an unlimited number.
  • The feature of placing stickers in the case.

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What's new on WhatsApp Ammar Al-Awadi No. 10

We review with you some of the new updates that were issued with Ammar Al-Awadi WhatsApp No. 10:

  • Download the story from the status.
  • Protect status privacy through app settings.
  • Status display to protect privacy.
  • Hide the blue check mark in the chat.
  • Sending a message to numbers not saved on the phone.
  • The ability to lock Al-Awadi WhatsApp to protect privacy.
  • Send approximately 250 photos at once.
  • Share photos and updates simultaneously.
  • Send long video clips of up to 10 minutes.
  • Modify the duration of the status.
  • Sending audio clips larger than 100 MB.

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Download Ammar Al-Awadi WhatsApp No. 10

You can download Ammar Al-Awadi WhatsApp No. 10 by following the steps:

  • Download Ammar Al-Awadi WhatsApp No. 10 from here.
  • From settings, click on the download option.
  • Download the application.
  • Click on the install option.
  • After completing the installation process, you can enjoy all the features and features that are available in Ammar Al-Awadi WhatsApp No. 10.

There are many applications for WhatsApp, but Ammar Al-Awadi's WhatsApp No. 10 comes to be the ideal and best for many people because of the unique advantages and characteristics it contains.

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