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WhatsApp Plus Gold 2021 WhatsApp Gold for Android and iPhone

WhatsApp Plus Gold 2021 is an unofficial version of the green WhatsApp, but it is widely used and downloaded because it contains many features, and some take it as an alternative to the main WhatsApp because it saves messages and videos that were sent even after they have been deleted by the sender to you Other than that, WhatsApp Plus enables you to see the status even if it is for specific numbers. You are not among those numbers. WhatsApp allows you to unblock you if your main WhatsApp number is banned. You can unlock this ban by obtaining WhatsApp Plus, to get to know closely WhatsApp Plus features and how to get it, you should read the following lines.

Features of WhatsApp Plus Gold 2021

provides you Whatsapp plus A lot of features that you will not find in the official version, as many seek to get it for one reason, which is the most important reason for making it the most downloaded, seeing hidden cases. As for the other features, they are as follows:

  • Save messages and videos, you can save nearly 900 messages sent to you.
  • This version saves you a lot of storage space.
  • Hide your connection now, and hide that you're typing when texting someone.
  • The golden version of WhatsApp Plus is downloaded without the need to root the mobile.
  • Find out who is calling now on WhatsApp in the callers box so far it has not been registered in your contacts.
  • Hide your status and your last seen.
  • Start chatting with a friend while you are incognito.
  • Send more than one group message at a time.
  • It stores messages, statuses, videos, photos and audio clips in the internal phone memory without the need to request a copy of your WhatsApp account, as you do in the main green WhatsApp.
  • Available in Arabic.

Download WhatsApp Plus Gold 2021 WhatsApp Gold for Android and iPhone

Copy WhatsApp Plus Gold It is not available on Google Play, which is available is the main version, but you can get that version through our website. 

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus:

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