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Download WhatsApp latest version 2020 WhatsApp for Android and iPhone

Download WhatsApp ; One of the most searches for all Android or iPhone users around the world, in order to work on downloading the best and most powerful communication application in the world (What's Up), which succeeded in achieving many successes in the world, before the global company Facebook acquired it with a value of $ 20 billion, as the highest deal in history at the time, and the application is characterized by that it works on all different phones with all its capabilities, as it works on all systems such as (Android , iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone), in order to facilitate the process of personal conversations all over the world for different users.

Whatsapp application

Through the WhatsApp application, it is also possible to make video calls, voice calls and text calls as well, and all users can send voice messages with friends, and exchange photos, files and others with various users around the world.

Download WhatsApp latest version 2020 WhatsApp for Android and iPhone

The application has succeeded in obtaining a very terrible number of downloads on all systems, after it has achieved more than one billion people around the world, and the number of active users also reaches a large number on various systems, as the application facilitates the process of communicating with all people around the world, And that without paying any fees at all, you just have to connect to the Internet and start having conversations with any number around the world.

method Using the WhatsApp application

after working on Download the WhatsApp application On your phone, then register your personal number on the application, you will open the application on its home screen, and at the top of the page you will see three different items, which are contacts, status and conversations, and you can enter the contacts and then start making voice calls, with video calls also With all the people you have in the application, you can also see the status of friends, and you can add WhatsApp cases such as photos or videos, and share them with all people.

After entering the conversations and choosing the person you want to communicate with, we click on it, and you can work on making written, audio or video calls, and you can also send photos and videos to friends and various files without any problems.

The application allows you to work on sending an audio recording to all people, by clicking on the microphone icon present in the conversation, and start recording the entire call, then leave the microphone and the recording will go to him immediately, as there is an image icon in the conversation, and through which you can work on Send pictures within conversations, and you can click on the camera image, in order to take a selfie and send the picture as well, and you can record a video and send it in the conversation.

Features of WhatsApp update 2020

The WhatsApp application, like the rest of the applications, has many features that all users around the world absolutely need. The application is also distinguished by the fact that it supports all languages of the world in full, and the application is also characterized by being light and does not need a large space, and the application is also supervised by Facebook, which is The main owner of the application and is working to develop it continuously, in order to obtain customer satisfaction all over the world, and the company has also launched many other versions of the application, such as the WhatsApp Business application, which provides many advantages for owners of conversations and large companies, and the company also provided a feature Conversational encryption, which can be used in all WhatsApp conversations with different people, to maintain more privacy.

  • The application provided the ability to modify images before you send them in conversations, through the application's editing program.
  • You can also make video and voice calls through the application.
  • Send GIFs.
  • The company has increased the number of photos sent in WhatsApp, and photos can also be forwarded in conversations.
  • Through the update, you can watch the video in WhatsApp before downloading to the phone.
  • The application allows you to select a message from within the conversation and respond to it instantly.
  • You can also search within conversations.
  • The company added many fonts and the ability to change the font and its size.
  • You can even star on featured messages, and the app lets you send files in PDF format.

Download WhatsApp latest version 2020

Downloading WhatsApp is a very easy process that does not require any complications at all, as the application works on all phones, and the application works on various systems without any problems, through the following link: Press hereThen we choose the type of phone and start downloading to the phone, and use all the features in the application.

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