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New WhatsApp Plus Gold, new version

Everyone wants to download WhatsApp Plus Gold, which is the most popular and searched application by many, because of the many features that it has similar to the main green WhatsApp, this version of WhatsApp contains many new features such as making a group chat room with an unlimited number From friends, you can change the background color as you want, and WhatsApp Plus Gold enables you to change the background color of one friend in your favorite color without coloring the backgrounds of the rest of the friends, there are many sections that are only available in this version of WhatsApp Plus Gold such as Videos and Music section, learn about all the features of WhatsApp Plus Gold through this article that explains all its uses easily and how to work.

What is WhatsApp Plus Gold?

It is an application intended for users who prefer social applications with simple space and that do not consume the phone battery as well as storage space. It is a social program that makes you communicate with friends through text chat, free voice calls or video calls. WhatsApp Plus Gold is one of the best voice applications that does not require You only need to connect to the Internet for it to work, you do not need to register someone so that you can talk to him, search for him and start communicating with him, the WhatsApp Plus Gold application can be used for calls as saving money because the calls are free, but the other party must have the same application in order to be communication.

New WhatsApp Plus Gold

  • There are several sections in WhatsApp Plus Gold, which is the video section in which all the social videos posted by users.
  • Search for friends by category, distance or number of the user.
  • You do not have to register the phone number to be able to add the person in your contacts and chat with you, just search by number and it will appear immediately.
  • A music library with a good number of music that you can play while chatting with a friend, and you can listen to music without staying in the application, exit it and your favorite music will not stop.

Features of WhatsApp Plus Gold

In this section, we review all the features of the WhatsApp Plus Gold application.

  • You can change your status whether you are online, away, busy or hidden.
  • Easily receive and send messages sent to you.
  • Change profile picture faster.
  • Make a status either a photo or a video.
  • Choose a color from among the many colors offered in WhatsApp Plus Gold.
  • Lock private messages anytime you want.
  • The blocking feature is enabled.
  • Make a group chat room with more than five people at once.
  • WhatsApp Plus Gold enables you to turn off the sound.
  • Remove the message after sending it to both parties.
  • It does not take up space from the phone.
  • Suitable for all versions of Android phones.
  • You can enter the music section and listen to your favorite genre while chatting, even after exiting WhatsApp Plus Gold.
  • You can report the offending content.
  • It requires you to be connected to the internet for WhatsApp Plus Gold to work.
  • You can use the people search feature if you are registered on the phone, it will appear on the lists of WhatsApp Plus Gold.
  • Watch the videos posted by users by entering the social videos section.
  • Moments and Diaries section where you will see all the Diaries, Statuses and Moments posted by your friends.
  • Post a status video, gif or even text

Download WhatsApp Plus Gold WhatsApp Plus Gold

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