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Download GB WhatsApp Plus 2021 GBWhatsApp against ban for Android and iPhone

GB WhatsApp Plus 2021 ; One of the very beautiful applications because of its different and very wonderful features that cannot be obtained in any of the other applications GB WhatsApp Plus application, is one of the applications that has met many successes in a short time on all phones such as Android and iPhone, and the application has been modified by some developers, by adding a number of important modifications and features that have been well received by many people using the application.

GBWhatsApp Plus is an app that is very similar to WhatsApp Plus apps which got a lot of downloads in a short time.

Features of GB WhatsApp 

Application GB WhatsApp; It has a good number of features that will help you get a very unique experience, and the application works on different phones and helps you use more than one WhatsApp number on the same phone.

Provides you with the ability to hide the appearance.

The application provides a huge number of privacy options.

Provides you with the ability to distinguish between group and regular messages.

The ability to put a lock on WhatsApp calls with a password.

The application helps you to send a video of 50 MB instead of 30 MB in the regular version of WhatsApp.

The application helps you to send 90 images at once instead of sending only 10 images.

Through the application, you can put a larger case with up to 250 characters instead of 139 characters.

You can also click on the links without storing the number of the message sender or group owners.

Through the application, you can preview the media without downloading.

Provides you with the feature to hide the name and date when copying two or more messages.

You can add stickers to WhatsApp from the market’s applications.

- You can also, through the application, modify the colors and others.

Download GB WhatsApp Plus 2020 for Android and iPhone

GB WhatsApp Plus 2020 ; It is one of the great free applications that got a large number of downloads, and it is a completely free application that does not need to pay a fee in order to download the application, and it can be downloaded on all phones without exception.

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