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Solve the problems of downloading and installing WhatsApp Gold

Solve the problems of downloading and installing WhatsApp Gold It is not hidden from the WhatsApp Gold application as one of the most popular modified applications as a result of its multiple advantages. But there is a problem that the user may face, which is updating, so we will learn in our article how to solve the problem of downloading an update and installing the WhatsApp Gold application. Especially as it is very difficult for many users. There is no need to worry, we will explain in detail the process of updating WhatsApp Gold without facing any problems, and it is the most important application on social networking sites, and many people may rely on it to communicate with friends.

Problems downloading and installing WhatsApp Gold

The search for a solution to the problem of downloading an update and installing WhatsApp Gold - WhatsApp Gold, the latest version 2023 (update) with a free direct link for Android - Download WhatsApp Gold - apk download is one of the most problems that the user may face in any of its versions, when downloading WhatsApp Gold On the phone. You will see a message stating that it is unable to install, because the source of the application is unknown, and the problem can be resolved by entering the phone settings, then entering protection, then we allow the installation of applications from an unknown source, so that the phone is configured to install the application and we will learn a lot about The application in detail

Features and features of downloading the golden WhatsApp update

There are many advantages that it has Golden WhatsApp – WhatsApp Gold, latest version 2023 (update) with a free direct link for Android – Download WhatsApp Gold – apk download But it may face the problem of not updating the version of WhatsApp Plus from the problems that users suffer from. In the event that you are a user, you must constantly update the application to get the features continuously. The problem can be solved by deleting the version on the phone, then downloading the new version, and we will learn about many of its advantages and specifications, which are as follows:

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  • Disconnect the Internet from WhatsApp only: After opening the application, the following window will appear. By clicking on this icon, the Internet will be disconnected from WhatsApp Gold only without affecting the connection of one of the other applications to the Internet.
  • Hide that you listened to the audio clip: The user of WhatsApp Gold can  Don't show the play flag about privacy from your friends or groups.
  • hide whatsapp statusClick on the three dots at the top left of the screen, then this short window appears, from which we choose option number seven “hide you saw the case”
  • hide whatsapp writing: It will not appear that you are now writing to your contacts.
  • Correct reception and readingCheck mark: Hide that messages have been received. After entering privacy, we choose option number three. When you click on this option, it will give you a new addition and will not show the sender or one of your friends that you are connected to the Internet.
  • Notifications: Additional notifications is a new feature to keep track of your friends' activities on their accounts. Like changing your profile picture, connecting to the app, or notifying who has viewed your status now. And also a notification if one of your friends posts a new story.
  • The ability to create more than one account and switch between them: The WhatsApp Gold application with its latest version allows you to add more than one account for the same application, up to 5 accounts in one application. All you have to do is add the phone number to the account and then take a backup copy of the current account and move to the account
  • Download contact statuses: an individual can download all the statuses that friends download and this service is implemented through an option built into the program; It is also not available within the official green version.

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How to update the WhatsApp Gold application

WhatsApp Gold can be updated by following the following:

  • First Step: Open the old version of WhatsApp Gold and enter the settings via the three-dot option at the top of the application interface.
  • Step 2: After entering the settings, go to the Chats option, and when you click on it, you will find all the settings for the chats and you will find an option called Backup Chats.
  •  Step Three: Click on it to complete the process of copying chats, videos, photos, documents and all your settings within the app.
  • Step Four: After the process of backing up your data is complete, go to Settings, through Settings. Go to apps and from apps, log in to WhatsApp Gold and remove or uninstall the old version of the app.
  • Fifth step: After downloading the latest version of WhatsApp Gold - WhatsApp Gold, latest version 2023 (update) with a free direct link for Android - Download WhatsApp Gold - apk download And before installing the APK file of the application. Activate the feature to install unknown sources and restore conversations and when you open it, you will find that the interface has two options. They are Agree and Continue, and the RESTORE option.
  • Step 6: Click on the Restore option and you will notice that the new Gold WhatsApp application. It saves you all the data and settings you backed up after registering your number and name. The last backup you saved to your Android phone memory will show you click Restore to recover everything related to your account.

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In conclusion, we have brought you to the end of an article Solve the problems of downloading and installing WhatsApp Gold; Through which we provided all the information about the application.

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