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Steps to install WhatsApp Plus Blue WhatsApp Plus while maintaining conversations

How to install the blue WhatsApp Plus WhatsApp Plus is one of the most searches for many people who want to get the WhatsApp Plus application on our mobile phones that work on all systems, including Android and iPhone, as the application has succeeded in being one of the most popular competing applications for the WhatsApp application The main application of the global Facebook company, but the application has a lot of important features.

How to install Blue WhatsApp Plus

The process Install WhatsApp Plus On the phone, it is one of the important steps that must be done correctly and completely, in order to maintain our conversations, and this can be done through the following steps:

First Step: You must download WhatsApp Plus, through our website, for all different systems.

The second step: You have to get a backup copy of the old conversations by opening the WhatsApp application on the phone and then going to Settings - Chats - Backup.

The third step: We uninstall the application from your phone, then go to Settings - Applications - Whatsapp - Uninstall.

Step Four: Go to the security settings, then activate the installation from unknown sources, in order to install the application.

Fifth Step: We install the WhatsApp Plus application on our phone through our website, where you can find it inside the download folder.

Step Six: We open the WhatsApp Plus application on the phone, then click on OK, and follow the required settings, including agreeing to the request for permissions for the WhatsApp Plus application. Do not worry, click on Allow..

Seventh Step: You must write your mobile phone number, then activate the number on WhatsApp Plus, by obtaining the code that you will receive.

Step 8: You have to click on Restore Backup and wait for it to complete.

With these steps, we have officially finished activating the WhatsApp Plus application on our phones, and start to have a unique experience.

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