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Steps to activate WhatsApp Web on iPhone

Activate WhatsApp Web on iPhones ; One of the services that many iPhone users who own the WhatsApp application of the global company Facebook are looking for, as the company provides a lot of features for different users, after it launched a service WhatsApp WebWhich in turn helps all users to run WhatsApp on the computer, without the need to operate the phone all the time, as the service works on all systems.

Steps to activate WhatsApp Web on iPhone

WhatsApp explained that the service is available for iPhone and Android phones completely, without any problems, and it also works on various computer systems without causing any technical problems, and the service can be activated through the following steps:

  • At first, you must open the WhatsApp application on your phone, then go to WhatsApp Web through the three dots in the application.
  • In the second step, we open the WhatsApp Web site WhatsApp WebIt is the official website for WhatsApp Web.
  • In the next step, we scan the code on the site through our phone, in order to log in to WhatsApp Web.

It is worth noting that the property WhatsApp Web, one of the distinctive features that have been provided to all users around the world, in order to use the application on the computer, including sending and receiving files easier than before.

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