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How to read WhatsApp messages “secretly” without the sender knowing

Read WhatsApp messages secretly, is one of the things that many people are looking for, in order to work on reading the WhatsApp messages that appear to us and are received by all friends, in the event that we want to read the messages without the sending person knowing that we have read the messages through the appearance of the two health signs.

Where many people from WhatsApp users need, sometimes read messages without the other party knowing that they have already received and read the messages, as this can be done by canceling the message delivery history, but the whole step can be done, through the following method:

How to read WhatsApp messages "secretly"

At first we turn on WhatsApp notifications on your phone.

In the second step, we are waiting for any WhatsApp message to appear on your smartphone.

After getting a WhatsApp message, you must unlock the screen without removing the notification.

After you get the notification, we tap down longer to read the message inside the notification.

This trick can also be used, and be sure not to remove the notice before reading it.

The trick will work on smartphones running on Android versions above 9.0 and iPhones running on iOS 13

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