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How to open WhatsApp Web on PC easily

Open WhatsApp Web on PC ; It is one of the important services that many people are looking for who want to use the WhatsApp application on the computer in an easy and simplified manner, as the global company Facebook, which owns the WhatsApp application, announced earlier the launch of the WhatsApp Web application, in order to facilitate the process of using its application on The computer, without the need to use the mobile throughout the day, in order to deal with the application, and the site provides you with many very important things that you will discover when using the application.

How to open WhatsApp Web on PC

The process of activating the WhatsApp Web application on the computer is very easy, without the need to use any programs at all, as you must open the WhatsApp Web site only, through the following link: Press here, which is the official website of the application, then you must follow all the following steps in order to use the site, where you must do three very easy and simple steps, in order to browse and use WhatsApp Web on the browser of any kind.

  • At first, through the computer, we go to web.whatsapp.com, where you can copy this link directly to your browser of any kind, then follow the next step.
  • We open the phone and open the WhatsApp application, then click on the three dots, then choose WhatsApp Web or (web.whatsappThe application will ask you to activate WhatsApp Web, by scanning the code on the site.
  • After entering it, the camera will be activated automatically, in order to read the barcode of WhatsApp Web, which appears in front of you on the computer.

After completing the previous steps, the WhatsApp Web application will open on the browser immediately, and you will notice all the names and contacts you have.

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