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How to use WhatsApp Gold

How to use WhatsApp Gold WhatsApp Gold is considered a modified version of the original and contains many wonderful features, making the application one of the most powerful applications for social networking. Therefore, many people are searching for how to use WhatsApp Gold, and we will learn about it below. Follow us.

How to use WhatsApp Gold

  • First, you must delete the original Green WhatsApp application from the phone.
  • Then click on download and install the application on the phone.
  • You must also agree to the option to accept the terms of service of WhatsApp Gold.
  • This will show you a new page. You must enter the phone number, choose the country, and write the phone number.
  • You should click on the Next option.
  • After that comes the step of verifying the WhatsApp Gold program.
  • If you type the number incorrectly, you must click on the Done option.
  • The program sends the verification code by sending an SMS.
  • After verification, the page will open, and so you must write the name that you would like to appear to friends.

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Advantages of the privacy of the WhatsApp Gold application

The application includes many features that the user enjoys, the most important of which are the following:

  • Hide last seen from friends.
  • Stop the ability to delete messages from the conversation.
  • Hide viewing of friends' private stories.
  • Send without showing a converted message.
  • Prevent your cases from being deleted.
  • Show the blue tick only when replying to friends.
  • You can control the emoji and font.
  • Change the application icon and notification icon as you wish.
  • You will receive a notification from those who viewed your status.

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How does WhatsApp Gold work?

Once the application is installed on the phone, you can run the application and start using it. The application will look very similar to the official green WhatsApp application, but you will have the ability to enjoy a number of additional features, such as the ability to change the colors of the application and the application icon, and the ability to also hide the status from the Internet easily.

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How do I know that I am blocked in WhatsApp Gold?

When you do not see a contact's profile picture updates, any message sent by the contact that blocked you always appears with only one check mark next to it, and the second check mark that indicates the receipt of the message from the person never appears.

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