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How to install WhatsApp Gold on the phone without losing conversations

How to install WhatsApp Gold on the phone without losing conversations; One of the very important applications that succeeded in obtaining wide fame all over the world, and not only in the Arab world, as WhatsApp Plus Gold applicationIt has become one of the competitors of the WhatsApp colloquial application and social networking applications around the world, due to the many features that the application possesses, which has won the approval of all users, and the application is one of the modified versions of the original WhatsApp application, which was modified by some developers.

How to install WhatsApp Gold on the phone

We will show you on our site.”Whatsapp plus“A number of important explanations that help all users to install the golden yellow WhatsApp Plus application on the phone very easily without losing conversations or data, and you must first download the application through our website via the following link: “from here“.

- The first step:

At first, you must work on downloading the WhatsApp Plus Gold application WhatsApp Plus apk, on your phone from the link above.

- The second step:

We come to the second and important step in the installation process, where you must take a backup copy of the main WhatsApp application on your phone, which includes all data, conversations, photos, files, etc., in order to preserve them from loss, by opening the original green WhatsApp application On the phone, then go to Settings - Chats - Backup.

- The third step: 

After that, we work to uninstall the main WhatsApp application from our phone, by entering the phone settings, then applications, then choosing the WhatsApp application, then uninstalling.

How to install WhatsApp Gold on the phone without losing conversations

- The fourth step: 

In the next step, we go to settings, then we go to security, and then we activate the installation from unknown sources.

Fifth step: 

We start installing the WhatsApp Plus Gold application on our phone, after downloading it and we will find it in the download folder on the phone.

Sixth step:  

We then work to open the WhatsApp Plus Gold application, then we click on the word OK and then follow all the full settings to install the application, but if we see a message asking for permissions for the application, we click on Allow.

Seventh step:  

We come to the seventh step, which is to activate the service on the phone, by entering our phone number in the application, in order to verify the number on the application, as it takes very few minutes, in order to obtain the code.

Eighth step:  

In the last step, we click on Restore Backup, which is the most important process in the installation, then wait for a number of minutes for the restoration to complete completely, and then enter the name and picture.

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