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How to pair your phone with WhatsApp Web for PC

How to pair your phone with WhatsApp Web for PC ; One of the important questions for all users WhatsApp Web Around the world, in order to know how to access the official WhatsApp Web of the global company WhatsApp, as the login process facilitates the use of WhatsApp distinctively on the computer, away from the use of WhatsApp on the phone, and the company has worked greatly to add many features In the WhatsApp Web service that has been fully added, in order to save effort and provide the features required by all users around the world, where it is possible to send files, exchange images, make voice calls and other services available on WhatsApp, but this time through a web browser.

WhatsApp Web works to save effort and time for all WhatsApp users around the world, in order to perform all the required services on WhatsApp, but through different web browsers, and the site succeeded in becoming a refuge for all users around the world, after the company was able to Providing all the various WhatsApp services on the site, in order to facilitate the users in carrying out the tasks of WhatsApp in an easy way.

How to pair your phone with WhatsApp Web for PC

Where the global company WhatsApp explained, that it is possible to work on pairing the user’s phone and WhatsApp Web on the computer in a very easy way, through some easy steps that can be taken in order to start using WhatsApp Web distinctively on the computer, through In order to browse WhatsApp very easily.

At first, you must enter the WhatsApp Web site through the following link: Press here

After entering the site, you will be asked to use the square code scanner in WhatsApp, in order to scan the code, through the following steps:

  • We open WhatsApp on the phone, then follow the following:
    • On Android devices: Go to Screen Chats > Additional options > whatsapp for web.
    • On iPhone: Go to Settings  > whatsapp for web .

How to exit WhatsApp on computer

As explained by the global WhatsApp company, it is possible to exit WhatsApp Web, in a very easy way, through the following steps:

  1. Go to WhatsApp on your phone > Settings or the list.
  2. Click on whatsapp for web > Log out of all devices > sign out.

In the event that you suspect that someone scanned your square code, and gained access to your account in WhatsApp Web, you must follow the instructions above to log out of all active chat sessions in WhatsApp Web by using WhatsApp on your phone, in order to obtain the guarantee full.

Important note:

In the event that your phone fails to scan the square code found in WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp, you must check the main camera on the phone, and also make sure of your Internet speed, especially if the automatic camera does not work on the phone automatically.

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