Explanations of WhatsApp Plus

How to download WhatsApp Plus Gold while maintaining conversations

How to download WhatsApp Plus Gold ; It is one of the important questions that many people who want to download an application are looking for WhatsApp Plus Gold, on their mobile phones, in order to obtain the important features provided by the application after downloading it to the phone, as the application works on all phones completely, but it is not present on any of the official stores due to property rights, but the application can be downloaded through external links that It was made available by all developers around the world for those who want to get the application.

Features of WhatsApp Plus Gold

that WhatsApp Plus Gold application It has a large number of beautiful features that cannot be obtained in any of the other applications, namely:

The WhatsApp Plus Gold application allows you to delete any messages present in conversations with all people around the world, where deleting conversations can be done immediately and at any time if you want to delete conversations.

The application also provides you with the automatic reply feature, which is not present in any of the applications, and this helps you to respond to friends automatically in the event that you are not on WhatsApp.

– The application allows you to hide your personal status whether you are connected on the phone, where you can work to hide your appearance online without the need to cut off the Internet from the phone.

The application also has a lot of beautiful stickers and emojis that are not present in any of the other applications, as the application is characterized by the presence of the feature to hide writing or recording, which appears in the case of writing or recording.

– Through the application, you can raise much larger cases than before, as it allows you to have multiple and very large cases with durations of up to half an hour, and a lot of photos can be shared in conversations.

How to download WhatsApp Plus Gold while maintaining conversations

Can start to move to WhatsApp Plus Gold The new one from the old WhatsApp, while maintaining the conversations through the following steps:

At first, you must enter your original WhatsApp, then click on the top menu, and click on the word “Settings”.

In the next step: A new window will open, choose the word chats

After that, you will move to a new window, and you must choose a backup for chats, and then we choose a backup, in order to work on copying all your conversations, it will take a few minutes depending on the amount of conversations and media you have available.

After completing the previous steps, you will get a full copy of the conversations, numbers and photos on WhatsApp, and after that, you must start downloading the WhatsApp application on your phone, and then start restoring the backup during the installation of the application.

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