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How do I download green WhatsApp?

How do I download green WhatsApp? Today we will talk about how to download and download the original green WhatsApp application, latest version 2023. The original green WhatsApp application is a very, very important and indispensable application, and no phone is without it. Also, the green WhatsApp application is one of the most important and best messaging applications that enables you to communicate with... Your friends easily, whether through written messages or through voice and video calls, and the application contains many features that we will mention to you in the following paragraphs. You can also share photos, documents, and video clips with your friends, share your diaries through your stories, and hide Your last appearance and many other features that we will mention to you, so we advise you to follow the article until the end.

Details about the green WhatsApp application?

  • Application name: WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Version:
  • Developer: Whatsapp Inc.
  • Size: 54 MB.
  • Android version: Android version 4.0.3 and above.
  • Release date: Latest release.
  • Price: Free.

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Features of the original green WhatsApp application

  • Possibility of activating the automatic response feature.
  • Possibility of activating night mode and DND mode.
  • Possibility of hiding message receipt boxes.
  • The ability to hide the blue checkmark when reading the message.
  • Set a green WhatsApp security lock to maintain your privacy.
  • Hide the words “Writing” and “Recording” in progress.
  • The application has a simple and easy to use interface.
  • Hide the word online now.
  • Hide your last appearance on the application.
  • The ability to send a file size up to 50 MB.
  • The ability to view your friends' stories without them knowing.
  • The application supports all types of Android phones, including Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, and others.
  • The application is completely safe, and does not contain annoying ads.
  • The ability to distinguish between group and regular messages.
  • You can set a case with more than 139 characters.
  • Ability to preview media without downloading.
  • Change the appearance of the program, notifications, and program icons.
  • You can download the application to your phone for free without paying any financial fees.
  • The application contains many wonderful effects and filters.
  • You can view your friends' stories without them knowing.
  • The ability to share and exchange emojis, stickers, etc. with your friends.
  • The ability to share photos, documents, and videos with your friends with ease.
  • You can also communicate with them through text messages, voice or video calls.

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How do I download green WhatsApp?

Green WhatsApp can be downloaded for all phones and systems with various official versions through the official WhatsApp website, via the following link:

How to run Green WhatsApp on your computer and laptop

  • First, open WhatsApp Web through the following direct link: web.whatsapp.com
  • Secondly, open WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Third, click on the three dots to the right or left of the screen, then click on WhatsApp Web.
  • Fourth, direct the phone to scan the QR code.
  • You will notice that your WhatsApp conversations page will open on your computer or laptop.

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How do you protect your account?

It is worth noting that this period witnesses many problems of theft and the emergence of hackers, etc., by sending a group of electronic links to users, and when you access these links, your private account on WhatsApp or other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. will be stolen, and then these people will Those who exploit the process of blackmailing the victim or messaging the victim’s friends in exchange for sending money to them, so we advise you not to enter any links on social networking sites that are sent to you directly or indirectly, and to avoid the theft process, you must activate the two-step verification option, create a green WhatsApp PIN, and link your account. on WhatsApp with your email on Gmail, and thus you may have protected your account from any theft or fraud.

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