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How do I know if I am blocked on WhatsApp?

How do I know if I am blocked on WhatsApp? Whereas, the WhatsApp application is one of the most famous and best-known messaging applications so far, and it is worth noting that this application is downloaded in a very large number by a very large group of people around the world, because this application is the best communication application that connects all people through all over the world in general.

How do I know if I am blocked on WhatsApp?

Many users and fans of the WhatsApp application want to know how to make sure that someone has blocked them, and it is worth noting that this method is explained through the following methods:

First method

The first method is not to show the sign of the phone call within the chat between this user and the owner of the line, as the absence of the phone sign for the ability to call from that person is sufficient evidence that that person is blocking you from his WhatsApp contacts.

The second method

The blocking of your number from the contacts of a person within WhatsApp is known by the fact that both the status and the personal photo of that person do not appear, as the fact that both of them did not appear after they had previously appeared is evidence that that person warned you completely about his contacts and his unwillingness In the appearance of anything of his in front of you as well.

Third method

You can be sure whether that person has blocked you or not by creating a group and trying to add that person’s number inside it, and this method is considered one of the most effective ways, as if that person blocks you, you will never be able to add his number to this group, and it is worth noting that this He is the biggest proof of your presence to your number among all his contacts on WhatsApp.

Fourth method

The fourth method that indicates that someone has blocked your number from the WhatsApp contacts is to send a message to that number and noticing that only one check mark appears for a long time, bearing a completely dark color, and in addition to that, the absence of the second check mark confirms this, and also confirms Generally speaking, that person will warn you.

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Thus, we have talked about how I know that I am banned on WhatsApp, and we have learned about 4 different ways to know this to serve our readers and to meet and provide answers to all the inquiries related to the world’s most famous messaging application WhatsApp.

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