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Important information about WhatsApp Plus

Whatsapp plus ; It is one of the important applications present in our world at the present time, and the application has achieved a large number of successes in a short time, and even has more than 50 million downloads on all phones and different stores, and the application also has a lot of features, after it was modified By some developers it is a modified application from copies What's Up The developers worked on putting a large number of features inside the application in order to get a lot of users.

Features that you will get in the official WhatsApp Plus

In the event that you want to download WhatsApp Plus on your phone and get all the features inside it, you must know all the features that you will get inside the application after obtaining it, as the developers provide a number of improvements periodically to add many new features periodically.

- aStop appearing online:

By using the application on your phone, you will be able to completely hide your online appearance, and you will also freeze the last date of your appearance online on the application, without resorting to cutting off the Internet.

Deleting the two blue check marks:

as you can through Whatsapp plusWork to cancel the two blue check marks, which are present when reading the message or hearing voice recording, as the situation causes a lot of embarrassment for all people, and through the application you can work to turn off the feature completely.

Stop recording and writing:

Through the application, you can work to turn off the writing and recording feature, which appears in the case of writing or recording below the name of the person in conversations while messaging.

Hide View Status:

Through the application, you can view all the existing cases of your friends immediately, without any of them knowing that you have seen the case, as it is a feature among the privacy features available in the application.

Sending different file formats:

Through the application, you can work to send any type of file through the application in conversations, where you can send a file of 50 MB, and it also allows you to send many photos and others.

Image quality:

The application helps you maintain the quality of images while sending them in conversations, by sending them with their space without the need to compress images, as does the main WhatsApp application, where you can send a large number of images without the need to split images.

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