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Features of the WhatsApp Plus 2020 application, the latest version of WhatsApp Plus, and the secrets of the blue application

WhatsApp Plus application ; One of the important applications that many people are looking for in the Arab world, in order to obtain the advantages that the application provides to users, and is WhatsApp Plus application It is the official alternative to the official WhatsApp application, which is available on various electronic stores, and through the application you can hide the appearance and run more than one WhatsApp number at the same time and other things that we are talking about today.

Features of WhatsApp Plus 2020 latest version

WhatsApp Plus has a huge number of applications that all users need, as the application provides many updates periodically in order to add many features to users.

– Stop appearing “Online”:

By using the WhatsApp Plus application, you can work to completely hide the appearance online, and you can also freeze your last appearance on the WhatsApp Plus application, in order to get more privacy that many are looking for, and the application also helps you to hide the appearance of the on sign Line next to the name.

Stopping the two checkmarks from appearing when reading the message:

Many users suffer from the feature of the two correct marks appearing when reading the message, which was added by WhatsApp to the original application, but the WhatsApp Plus application succeeded in canceling the feature completely, where you can read and receive messages without the mark appearing to the receiving person, and you can also reply to messages Anytime without problems and no problems with friends because of the tag.

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Features of the WhatsApp Plus application

Disable writing feature:

The application also helps you to turn off the sign that is writing or recording, which appears when you have conversations with the application, where you can get rid of the feature completely and hide the recording or writing in progress in order to obtain more privacy.

Stop Whatsapp Status Views:

And all users can also hide your viewing status from your friends, and you can also view other people's statuses without knowing that you've seen the statuses.

Send many formats: 

Through the blue WhatsApp Plus application, you can work to send any type of different files via WhatsApp, unlike the original WhatsApp application, where the application restricts you to the sending process greatly, and you can also through the application send files up to 50 MB from any type, while the original app only allows you to send files of up to 20MB.

Image quality adjustment: 

The Blue WhatsApp Plus application gives you the ability to greatly modify the quality and size of images, where you can reduce their size in order to send more than one image at one time, and you can add many different shapes to images and adjust the quality as well.

How to download the WhatsApp Plus application?

One of the important and common questions among many users, is how to download the WhatsApp Plus application, and get the application, whether for Android or iPhone system, where you can download through our website via the following link:

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