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Whatsapp gold plus features

Features of WhatsApp Plus Gold ; One of the most important things that many people search for before downloading the application, as a large number of versions have recently appeared WhatsApp Plus Gold We find that there are about four different versions of the program, and WhatsApp Plus has many features that we will talk about in detail today. 

The most important features of WhatsApp Plus Gold

1_ hide appearance 

The program can hide the appearance of the rest of the users, meaning that no one can know your presence or even the last time you opened the program. 

2_ Hide the message read mark 

The program allows the user to read messages from friends without the two signs that indicate the messages have been read, but you can know when he sees your messages at the time of reading them. 

3_ Hide writing 

The program also allows you to hide the "Writing in progress" sign, and you can do this by setting the privacy in the program, so that the person does not see that you are typing. 

4_ Hide the word “Audio is being recorded” 

The program also allows you to hide the word “Audio is being recorded”, and in this way the person will not know that you are making the recording that you will send to him. 

5_ Hide View Status 

The program allows the ability to hide the appearance that you have viewed their status, but you can also see and know that they have viewed your status. 


6_ View deleted messages 

You can activate this special option on the program, where you can see all the messages that your friends delete, which is one of the features that many seek. 

7_ Supports stickers 

The program supports all the stickers that are available on Google Play, through some applications, and some special stickers are available on the program itself. 

8_ The program without ads 

You can use the program without being disturbed by the advertisements that appear in many other programs, which is also a feature of the WhatsApp Plus program. 

9_ Safety and protection 

The program has the highest level of protection and privacy that it offers to users, and it is one of the most important things that users of the program are looking for. 

WhatsApp Plus Gold versions

1_ WhatsApp Plus Abu Arab 

It is one of the recent versions that have recently appeared and are used on most mobile phones, and it is a program with many features that make it better than the regular WhatsApp, and the program does not contain any annoying ads and many other features that we mentioned earlier. 

2_ WhatsApp Plus Blue Abu Saddam 

It is one of the advanced versions made by the developer Abu Saddam Al-Rifai, and it is considered one of the most downloaded versions on the Internet, because the program has many advantages over the regular WhatsApp program, as the program allows you to exchange all kinds of files with an area of up to 50 MB per file. The one, and it also allows you to share the site with friends, share photos and videos, and raise statuses as well, and the program gives you a large area of privacy, you can hide the recording in progress sign and also hide the word “Writing” and two signs of receiving the message, and a large number of other features . 

3_ WhatsApp breathe your love 

The WhatsApp Breathe Hawk program is known as one of the versions of the famous WhatsApp Plus, which was developed by the Arab developer Omar Badeeb, who is one of the famous developers in the field of software, and the program includes a number of features that make it distinct from the original version of WhatsApp, so you can: During which you hide your appearance on the program and also hide the last date you entered, and it allows you to view the statuses of friends without their knowledge, as you can see their last appearance and whether they viewed your status, and it is also possible to hide the word “A sound clip is being recorded or writing is in progress”, and the program does not show the two marks that belong to reading Messages, it has many features and is a very important program.

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