Explanations of WhatsApp Plus

Learn about the available versions of WhatsApp Plus, developed by Abu Arab

WhatsApp Plus program ; It is one of the very popular plus apps, as the Whatsapp plus, is one of the important applications that have been modified by some developers, by adding some important features to the basic green WhatsApp application, which are features that were not present in the main application, which we have already explained to you on our site before, but today we will talk about copies WhatsApp Plus is available from the developer Abu Arab, who worked on developing the entire application.

Available versions of WhatsApp Plus developed by Abu Arab

We have an app Whatsapp plus Abu Arab has three different basic versions that suit all people, in order to meet the needs of all users, where the three versions can be run on the same phone, in order to have more than one WhatsApp at the same time and on the same device.

WhatsApp Plus Gold:

prepare an application WhatsApp Plus GoldIt is the most popular version among the Abu Arab versions, as the version is widely spread and is the most downloaded on the developer’s website, as the application has many features and is suitable for all types of medium, weak and powerful devices, as the version has all the features of regular Plus applications, and you can also Control the application by changing colors and more.

WhatsApp Plus Red WhatsApp Plus Gold:

Copy WhatsApp Plus RedIt is a very special version, and it contains all the features of the previous version, where you can run a second WhatsApp on the same phone, without the need for any programs or applications, as the version works on all phones without any exception or causing any slowdown For phones, as the version helps you get a lot of important features that you will discover once you download.

WhatsApp Plus Blue WhatsApp Plus plu:

Copy Blue WhatsApp PlusIt is one of the most famous versions of Plus ever, and it is fully developed by Abu Arab, and the version targets all weak and medium phones in performance and capabilities, and the version was programmed in order to become an alternative to the official green WhatsApp application, but it came in a lighter form like WhatsApp Lite, as the version offers you many features in an easy, beautiful and simpler way.

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