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Download WhatsApp Plus Blue latest version 2020 WhatsApp plus for Android and iPhone

Blue WhatsApp Plus, the latest version 2020, is one of the very important applications that a large number of application lovers are looking for, as the blue WhatsApp Plus is one of the applications that has won the approval of a large number of people around the world, due to the features it offers that cannot be obtained in any of the applications On the other hand, the application is a completely modified version by the developers, by adding some features to the main WhatsApp application, so that the application succeeds in competing greatly.

Types of WhatsApp Plus versions

The application has a number of different versions that can be obtained and downloaded to the phone, all of which have many advantages, namely:

1. WhatsApp GB Green - WhatsApp GB

Prepare Green GB WhatsAppIt is a modified version of WhatsApp Plus, which is designed to run a second number on the same phone.

2. WhatsApp Plus Blue - WhatsApp Plus

as Blue WhatsApp PlusIt is also a modified version of the application, which is the basic and official version and the application, and it can be installed after deleting the official WhatsApp.

Features of WhatsApp Plus Blue

The blue WhatsApp Plus application has many, many important features, including:

  • You can operate more than one line on the same phone without being banned.
  • Hide last seen in advanced on the phone.
  • Hide the correct reading and receiving.
  • Download various themes and modify them greatly.
  • Send photos to more than 250 at once instead of 10 photos.
  • Through the application, you can send a video of 30 megabytes instead of 16 megabytes.
  • The application allows you to download and modify different fonts in an easy and simple way.
  • You can hide the name and date when you copy more than two messages.
  • Increase the duration of cases that are uploaded on the phone.
  • You can work on modifying the colors and fonts of the application.
  • You can search for and send GIFs.
  • The ability to put a password on WhatsApp for privacy.
  • Statistics counter for groups.
  • You can preview the media without downloading.

Download WhatsApp Plus Blue latest version 2020

The blue WhatsApp Plus application is a modified version of the basic WhatsApp application, and the application works on various phones and systems without problems, as the application size is very light, and the application was able to obtain many downloads quickly.

Download GB WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB3 WhatsApp:

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