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Download WhatsApp Plus Gold 2024 against the ban, WhatsApp Gold for Android and iPhone

WhatsApp Plus Gold 2024 ; One of the applications that gained great fame in the past period on various phones around the world, as the application has become one of the applications that are strongly requested in various parts of the world, due to the features that the application provides to all users, although the application is not available on any of the official stores such as The Global Play Store or the iTunes Store, where the application succeeded in competing with the main WhatsApp application of Facebook, due to its beautiful features, which we will review for you.

Data for the latest version of WhatsApp Plus Gold 2024

the size : 28 MB
issue number : 7.95
Store version: 2.19.274
Update date: 23/1/2020

What is the WhatsApp Gold application?

Application Golden WhatsAppIt is a modified version of the official WhatsApp application of the global company Facebook, but a number of important developments have been added by some developers around the world, in order to add a lot of different features to the application so that the application becomes better than before. The application through modifications to get the praises of all users around the world.

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Download WhatsApp Plus Gold

The application also helps you to modify the colors completely, and work to add different images to the background of the program and other important features that increase privacy. You can also work to change the application icon, hide conversations, and lock the application with a secret number, without using any of the programs, and the developers work To update the application periodically, and to add a large number of updates periodically.

Features of WhatsApp Plus Gold

The application has an infinite number of features, which are not found in any of the other applications, and we will show you some of the advantages that you get once you download the application.

Hide writing and recording:

Through the application, you can work to hide the writing and recording feature, which appears in the case of writing any of the messages or recording, as it appears from the friend, and the feature is completely turned off.

Hide “Online Now” feature:

The application provides you with the feature to hide your appearance online with all friends, without resorting to cutting off the Internet, a feature that is not present in the main WhatsApp application.

Hide the blue health tick when reading messages:

With an application, you will get the feature to hide the blue health sign, which appears when reading messages, as it increases embarrassment for users in the event of reading messages, and the feature can be controlled through the application very easily.

Run more than one WhatsApp on the phone:

Among the advantages that WhatsApp provided to all users, is the feature to run more than one WhatsApp on the same phone, without the need to have more than one device, you just have to get a new line and start operating the new number.

We have provided you with some of the features that are available in the WhatsApp Plus Gold application, which you will get to know fully if you download the application on your phone.

Download WhatsApp Plus Gold 2024 against the ban

The process of downloading WhatsApp Plus Gold is a very easy and simplified process, as you must initially allow the installation of applications from outside the store on your phone, in order to start installing it on your phone.

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB3 WhatsApp:

The WhatsApp Plus Gold application provides a huge number of features that cannot be obtained in any of the other applications, as the application has achieved great popularity on all systems, whether for iPhone or Android.

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