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Download WhatsApp Plus 2020 Whatsapp Plus latest version for all phones

WhatsApp Plus 2020 ; One of the very important applications in the world of global plus applications, which many people are looking for in all parts of the world and the Arab world in order to get the new updates in the application that were launched by the developers of the application in the past few days, with the advent of the New Year, as the whatsapp plus appIt is one of the most important applications for all users around the world, after it provided many features that are not found in any of the other applications, and it also succeeded in being a competitor to the main WhatsApp application.

Features of the WhatsApp Plus 2020 application, the latest version

The WhatsApp Plus application has many important features that have been developed by some developers around the world, in order to add important improvements and features that cannot be obtained in the main WhatsApp application of the global company Facebook, and we will explain to you the details of the updates for the application in detail Full.

Possibility to hide appearance:

The application has the feature to hide appearance, which is not present in the main application, where all users can hide their appearance online permanently.

Run two numbers on the same phone:

Through the application, you can run two different WhatsApp numbers on the same phone, without being banned.

Privacy :

The application also has a very great privacy, where you can read the received messages completely without the sending person knowing that you have received the message, and you can also hide your appearance online if you are online on the application, as the application offers a lot of strong privacy.

تحميل واتساب بلس 2020 Whatsapp Plus آخر اصدار لكافة الهواتف
Download WhatsApp Plus 2020 Whatsapp Plus latest version for all phones

Writing and recording:

The application also features the feature of hiding the sentence “Writing or Recording” which appears in the case of writing or registration with the other person, where you can write without the addressee’s knowledge.

Writing a longer case :

Through the WhatsApp Plus application, you can write larger cases than before by more than 255 characters, as WhatsApp provides you with writing cases with only 130 characters, but with Plus it has become different, as you can write whatever cases you want without any restrictions at all, and you can add symbols expressive in any number as well.

Other features in WhatsApp Plus

also owns whatsapp plus app There are many other features, where you can see the status of the person in your friends list, without entering his personal page, where the status appears directly below the name, with the appearance information.

Download WhatsApp Plus 2020 Whatsapp Plus latest version

WhatsApp Plus 2020It is compatible with all phones, whether Android or iPhone, and the application does not need any of the special features of large phones, as it works on various different versions, and the application is available in the Apk format for Android phones and is also available on iPhone, and the application works for free and does not He needs to pay absolutely any money in order to get all the advantages that we explained to you.

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