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Golden WhatsApp 2020 against the ban, the new version

WhatsApp Gold 2020 against the ban, the new version is one of the important applications for all people, users of WhatsApp Plus Gold around the world, as the application provides many and many features that you will not get in any of the other communication applications on the mobile, and work has been done on The application has been developed distinctively in the past period, by some developers, to be a similar version to the basic WhatsApp application, but it is distinguished from it in adding a lot of features that you get once you download the application.

Golden WhatsApp 2020 against ban

and provides you WhatsApp Plus Gold application Against the ban, there are many, many advantages that you get, whether on Android or iPhone completely, and among the following features:

  • The application has the feature to move between chats, statuses and calls, without any problems at all.
  • The app has the feature of reading statuses without the other person knowing.
  • Through the application, you can control the background and color of the application in a very distinctive way, as it contains a lot of distinctive backgrounds.
  • The app offers you more privacy options than before.
  • You can also send group messages to groups instantly.
  • Possibility to hide conversations.
  • Through the application, you can activate the automatic reply feature, when you receive any of the incoming messages.
  • You can control and change the program font very distinctively.
  • Find out who deleted your WhatsApp message or who blocked you.
  • Through the application, you can also turn off the Internet on the application only.

There are many, many other features on the application, which you will get after downloading the application on your phone, and then fully discovering them, in order to get every feature in the application completely.

Download WhatsApp Gold 2020 against the ban

The application is free and does not need to pay any fees in order to obtain it, as all those wishing to download WhatsApp Plus Gold can obtain it and start using it through the following links:

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB3 WhatsApp:

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