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Download WhatsApp Plus Osama Gharib 2024 for Android and iPhone

 WhatsApp Plus Osama Gharib Many of us use the WhatsApp application on a daily basis, whether to work or to chat with friends and communicate with relatives, and this is what made the developers interested in developing many versions of WhatsApp from the regular WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus Osama Gharib is one of these developed versions that provide you with many features that we will learn about throughout this article.

What is the WhatsApp Plus application Osama Gharib?

The WhatsApp Plus application Osama Gharib is one of the modern versions of the WhatsApp Plus application, which was developed by Abu Saddam Al-Rifai, as he developed this version and fixed many of the defects that exist in the previous versions, so that this version is the one that bears many of the features and characteristics that you find in some Problems in previous versions, and he also made a lot of improvements in this version to be a distinctive and wonderful version to use.

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Features of the WhatsApp Plus application Osama Gharib

WhatsApp Plus Osama Gharib application provides you with a lot of wonderful and different features, which you can enjoy as soon as you download this application, and the most important of these amazing features are:

تحميل واتس اب بلس احدث اصدار 2022 WhatsApp Plus APK لجميع الهواتف

  • A recent database on Google Play. 2.19.308.
  • The application can be downloaded on many different Android phones, as it has been optimized to support multiple types of Android phones.
  • The ability to modify images before sending them, where you can add many new and beautiful emojis, as well as stickers, to make the image more beautiful.
  • The intermittent connection issue has been resolved, so you can now enjoy stable connectivity.
  • The ability to add new contacts by scanning their people's barcode.
  • Fixed uploading statuses issue, so you can now upload first statuses to friends without facing any issue.
  • The ability to archive several chats of friends at the same time.
  • Ease of obtaining the profile picture of friends, by saving it directly through the WhatsApp Plus application Osama Gharib.
  • The appearance of a status bar, such as the one in the Instagram application, which you can control through the application settings.
  • Control the appearance of recent states, where you can hide the appearance of these states from the list of stories.
  • The problem with the first status of friends has been resolved in the previous versions, which had some problems in downloading it, so in this version you will be able to download it easily.
  • When you press the icon for the flight mode, the application will alert you.
  • Add some fixed icons in audio calls as well as video in white color.
  • Limit the list of friends that can contact you, where you can allow only a specified number of friends can contact you so you will not be bothered by all the friends calling you.
  • Possibility to make conference calls with different group members.
  • The ability to view friends' statuses without your name appearing in the watch list.

Many of the problems and defects that exist in the previous versions of WhatsApp Plus have also been improved in the WhatsApp Plus version of Osama Gharib, and many different features have been added that you can identify and discover on your own by downloading the application on your phone.

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Download WhatsApp Plus Osama Gharib 2024 for Android and iPhone

Download WhatsApp Plus Osama Gharib now so that you can enjoy the various wonderful and amazing features that this application provides you with, and do not worry about the application being safe and free of viruses that may affect your phone.

WhatsApp Plus Osama Gharib update 2024

The WhatsApp Plus application, Osama Gharib, witnessed a large number of important changes that occurred in the application in the recent period, as the application developers worked to add some modifications that contributed to improving the process of using the application on Android or iPhone phones, and the application became faster on all phones. Both old and new.

In the end, WhatsApp Plus Osama Gharib is one of the best developed versions of WhatsApp Plus, which allows its users to have a wonderful and amazing experience through the multiple features it provides to them, which are not found in other versions of WhatsApp Plus applications.

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