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How to download WhatsApp Plus Gold 2021 for Android and iPhone and solve problems

Downloading the WhatsApp Plus Gold 2021 application is one of the important searches for many, as the WhatsApp application is one of the most used messaging applications around the world, and it is known that WhatsApp is affiliated with the Facebook company, which owns the Facebook application, the WhatsApp application, Instagram and Messenger, and it is used by many who own smartphones This application is considered a free application that enables you to send messages and make voice and video calls easily and for free, and a new update has been issued from the WhatsApp application that contains many features that are not available in the regular application, and this application is called WhatsApp Plus Gold.

How to download WhatsApp Plus Gold 2021 for Android

There are some steps that you can follow to download this application, where before anything you must choose the appropriate browser that works to download an application WhatsApp Plus Gold With ease, as the application is unofficial and you may encounter a problem when downloading from the Google browser, so it is recommended to use the Safari browser.

  • The link for the application is accessed through the apk file of the Golden WhatsApp program.
  • You may encounter a problem when downloading this file, as Android devices may refuse to download the application because it is from an untrusted party, so you have to go to the settings and allow the installation of applications from untrusted parties.
  • After that, the application is installed on the mobile and you can use it with ease and enjoy the additional features that the regular WhatsApp application does not provide.

Solve the problems that you may encounter while downloading the WhatsApp Plus Gold application for Android devices

When downloading the application, you may have a problem installing the application as we mentioned, as it is an undocumented application with Google, and Android devices may not allow the application to be installed, unless you change the settings and allow this process to be performed.

Also, some people face a problem with the performance level of the application, and in this case you should delete the normal WhatsApp application, as the presence of the two applications together weakens the performance of the application, so it is not recommended to use two applications together.

How to download WhatsApp Plus Gold 2021 for iPhone

The process of downloading an application What's Up Golden for iPhone devices is one of the easiest steps, where all you have to do is go to the application link, enter it through the Safari browser or any other suitable browser, then press the download button only once and then the application will be downloaded within seconds, as it is an application with Light space than the WhatsApp application, which allows you to save additional space on the mobile.

Advantages of the WhatsApp Plus Gold application

Application contains WhatsApp Plus Gold It has many advantages that the WhatsApp application does not provide, which attracts more fans of the application.

  • The application provides a feature to completely hide the last seen, and it also allows you to specify a specific time and set it as your last seen.
  • It also provides another feature, which is to keep friends' statuses from photos and videos, which increases your WhatsApp statuses.
  • It is an application with a different design than WhatsApp, as it allows you to control the colors and shape of the application, and allows you to set a background for chat rooms.
  • You can hide the signs of receiving or reading messages, as the person who sent a message does not show any sign that you have read or received the message.
  • Among the additional advantages offered by the application is the feature of controlling the shape of the font and colors, and you can also develop a special design for you chat room.
  • You can also control the shape of the notification that you receive from the application at the top of the screen, where you can choose between dozens of shapes, far from the traditional WhatsApp format.

Download WhatsApp Plus Gold 2021

Application features WhatsApp Plus Gold, that it is free and does not need to pay any fees in order to obtain it, as all those wishing to download WhatsApp Plus Gold can obtain it and start using it through the following links:

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB3 WhatsApp:

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