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Download WhatsApp Plus 2020 WhatsApp Plus in dark mode

Download WhatsApp Plus 2020 in dark mode ; One of the applications that many people are looking for around the world, as the application provides a good number of features that cannot be obtained in the main WhatsApp application, as the application is a fully modified version from some developers around the world, as the company launched in The last period of a new update, by activating the dark mode on the application.

Where the WhatsApp Plus application includes a very large set of important features, which all users have requested in order to work on a better use of the application than before.

Features of WhatsApp Plus 2020 WhatsApp Plus

The WhatsApp Plus application has many important features, including some important features, including the operation of two lines on one phone, without the need to buy a new phone, as the application provides the feature of working to raise a larger case than before, and it is possible to send more files and photos.

The WhatsApp Plus application also helps to change the colors and control all the different features of the application, and also helps you to make calls within groups better than before, and through the application you can add distinctive conversations in order to communicate with them.

What makes the application one of the important applications, is that it works on various phones and different systems normally, and the application does not cause any slowness or heaviness on the phone, as the application works on Android and iPhone as well, but work must be done to download the application from outside the store.

Download WhatsApp Plus 2020 WhatsApp Plus in dark mode

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