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WhatsApp GB 2020 ; One of the important applications in the completely modified world of WhatsApp Plus, as the application is one of the applications that have been professionally modified through the official WhatsApp version, as many developers have worked to add many important features and modifications that cannot be obtained in any From other apps, the app works like golden whatsapp appAnd the various WhatsApp Plus applications that are available in different phones around the pain.

Features of WhatsApp GB 2020

The application has a lot of important features that can not be obtained by downloading the application on the phone, which came as follows:

- Experience of use:

The application provides you with the best use experience ever for all other WhatsApp applications, as the application has a wonderful design that has been modified through the application, as it is not possible to obtain the design in the application that helps you deal with all the features easily.

Customization and modification:

Through the application, you can work on modifying and customizing the application completely, where you can control the fonts, colors, interfaces, windows, menus and other things, where you can add what you want to get the desired look.


The application provides you with a very high privacy that is not present in any of the other applications, where you can roam in the application freely, and no one will be able to monitor your activity on the application, as the application gives you a lot of distinctive privacy settings.

Against ban:

The application also provides you with the feature to prevent the ban, in the case of using more than one phone number on WhatsApp, as this helps you to improve performance more than before, and it will provide you with managing more than one account at the same time on the phone and maintaining conversations as well. .


WhatsApp GB is an application that works without the annoying ads that appear in many other applications, as the application provides you with a very great usability feature.

Download GBWhatsApp 2020 for Android and iPhone

WhatsApp GBIt is a free application that works on various phones around the world, as the application has received a large number of distinctive updates, and the application is constantly being updated.

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