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Download the blue WhatsApp Plus, the latest WhatsApp blue update

Download the blue WhatsApp Plus, the latest WhatsApp blue update You can download WhatsApp blue with the latest version against the ban for the year 2023, and it is a completely modified application called the WhatsApp blue application, and it is that application that is equivalent to the same uses of the original application in terms of the possibility of chatting, voice calls and video calls, so that program won the admiration of a lot of the audience in a short period May Their number reaches millions.

Why is WhatsApp blue an important application?

This application has become one of the important applications that achieved great success in a very short period blue whatsapp With its recent updates that were issued recently against the ban, this program has provided many features that deserve to be discussed and competed for full knowledge, by adding some features that we will only find in the blue WhatsApp application, and we will learn about them in the article below.

Important requirements and instructions before installing WhatsApp blue new version

تحميل واتساب بلس الأزرق أخر تحديث WhatsApp blue

The developers of the WhatsApp Blue program showed us some important requirements and instructions that we must follow before installing and running the new version of the program Whatsapp plus blue are as follows:

  • First of all, it requires an internet connection.
  • Or a WIFI connection may be recommended.
  • Access to the location of the device.
  • Access to the exhibition.
  • Device identification.
  • WIFI connection is preferred.
  • Permission must be given to the program to access the external storage.
  • You must uninstall any other WhatsApp program that is different from the previous one Whatsapp blue .
  • If you already own the old version, you can update it to the new version directly without downloading it or without deleting the old version.

Blue WhatsApp Plus latest update WhatsApp blue

Dear reader, we must provide you with some important information about the blue WhatsApp in its latest version available on the Google website, as follows:

  • Downloading WhatsApp blue with the latest update of the anti-ban version is one of the best versions available recently and has been very popular by millions of WhatsApp users.
  • Moreover, downloading WhatsApp Blue 2023 has many features that make this application more fun than other applications or the original WhatsApp application.
  • By comparing other modified WhatsApp programs and downloading the blue WhatsApp program with the latest update, we find that there is a big difference, and this is evidenced by the download of the program by more than a million users around the world, and despite that, without any explicit reason, the download of the blue WhatsApp program for Android has been stopped, so some The information is that it may be developed for the Blue WhatsApp Plus project to be available on all devices.

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The new WhatsApp blue features

Some new additions to the Blue WhatsApp program have been added with the latest update, as follows:

  • A new feature has been added, which is the ability to copy the caption from the video or image.
  • Web search capability has been added.
  • In addition, the feedback feature is long press on any message and send its reaction.
  • Work on adding a new feature, which is stopping the resumption of recording voice notes.
  • Work on adding new privacy settings for last seen and profile picture.
  • Work to address all false reports and dangerous viruses in the program.
  • The developers of the program have fixed the problem of the blue microphone icon on the home screen.
  • Added confirmation processing before any video call.
  • Work on fixing the non-clickable bot menu.
  • Hide online status feature in WhatsApp blue.

Download the blue WhatsApp Plus, the latest WhatsApp blue update

The blue WhatsApp Plus application is one of the distinguished electronic applications that have been well received by all people, as it is possible to work on downloading the application through the official website of the blue WhatsApp and obtaining the features in the application.

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB3 WhatsApp:

This feature provided by the program is one of the most famous features, as it allows you to hide your appearance from the Internet, so no one can see you if you are online or offline when this feature is turned on.

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