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Download WhatsApp Gold New Version WHATSAPP GOLD WhatsApp against the ban

WhatsApp Plus Gold ; One of the important applications that a large group of WhatsApp application lovers are looking for in our Arab world, in order to obtain updates provided through the application that cannot be obtained in the normal application, as the application helps you not to be banned, whether from friends or through the WhatsApp application In August, the application development team worked continuously to add many features to the application in order to obtain the satisfaction of the users of the application.

also contains WhatsApp Plus Gold application, on all the features of the normal green WhatsApp and the advantages of it Blue WhatsApp PlusThe application offers you other advantages, including hiding secret conversations and working to upload a video larger than 30 seconds for cases on the application, and you can also restore deleted messages, and the application has more than 20 additional features that have been improved and added to the application.

What is WhatsApp Gold?

WhatsApp Gold, is the modified version of the blue WhatsApp Plus application, but it has a huge number of features that all users need. By adding a large number of important software codes that help in obtaining many, many important features.

Features of the WhatsApp Plus Gold application

The application is one of the applications that have complete security in browsing and dealing with it, as the application was developed by a large number of professional developers in the world of applications.

  • The application has very great privacy, such as hiding the appearance in WhatsApp, hiding the reading, hiding the receipt mark, hiding writing and recording, playing music, audio and video, and hiding viewing status.
  • The application prevents deleting messages from both parties.
  • The ability to run more than one WhatsApp on the phone without being banned.
  • You can work on changing the default look of the chat interface.
  • Hide WhatsApp conversation from chat list.
  • It is also possible to set a password for WhatsApp.
  • Auto reply to WhatsApp messages.
  • The application also has more than 50 fonts.

Download the WhatsApp Plus Gold application

WhatsApp Plus Gold is one of the unique free applications that have received a lot of downloads and won the approval of many users. The application can be downloaded through the following link:

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